Yordy/Eureka Bible team

We are thankful to have spent a great week with family and a small group from Eureka Bible Church. Larry, Edie, and Kim worked with the construction team for 1 day, then worked on some much needed painting in the 2 apartments below our house. The rest of the team consisted of Ben Frerichs and Norm & Kristen Hostetler. They helped put a roof on Bambou church, as well as a school.

 Loading up for the day!

Bambou church


Ladies working on benches and spending time with the local kids.


We were excited to take the group to Renault Sunday school on Sunday morning!  We recognized a lot of clothes that had been passed out a couple weeks prior! 

We had a fun afternoon of hiking, swimming, and jumping at the waterfalls!

Another special event that happened during the week, was that our friend Mamize had her 2nd baby girl!  I got to be with her during the birth again.  The miracle of birth is amazing to me.  We really saw the hand of God, and we witnessed first hand, the power of prayer.  She started the morning by having to go to a hospital in town, for a C-section.  That is not a desirable option anywhere, but especially here!  The team, family, and friends started praying for her, and by 12:15pm, she had a healthy baby vaginally, without complications!   God is good!     (The baby doesn’t have a name yet)

It is always special when we get to share our life in Haiti with family and friends!  We were blessed by our time together!

Thanks and a shout out to Kristen Hostetler, the team photographer, for the great pics!  Thanks for sharing your talents!

Weekend fun

We found the closest thing to a water park in Haiti!   We drove to the mountains to explore a reservoir with some of our  good German friends.  The area was gorgeous!!  Everyone enjoyed jumping, climbing, and sliding.  Afterwards, we hiked down the stream, to the waterfalls.


Hiking the falls 

A few random happenings….

A gator ride with some of the girls from the orphanage!

Gabby & Sarah playing in the rain and puddles! (Notice their mud socks) 
The closest thing to McDonalds we have found…. This lady sells the best pate’s around, and she always has a smile!

 Often times, we see things that make us “take a second look.”  It’s rare that we can grab the camera quick enough to get a picture, especially if it is while we are driving. We have seen this a few times, and have never gotten a pic, until now….  Check it out

 What is it?


It’s a tiny pick up carrying way too many mattresses!  You wouldn’t see that on Rt 116!

Sunday Mornings


Sunday mornings are a very special time for our family. Most Sunday mornings, you will find us helping out a fellow missionary family, Rod, Debbie, & Katie Wray, at Renault, in one of the poorest slums in Les Cayes. The Wray’s, started a Sunday school program, about 6 years ago, with a few kids, in a small tent. The program has grown to 1200-1400 kids, and is held under a large pavilion. The program is a safe haven for children, a place they can worship the Lord, learn bible stories and biblical truths, and memorize scripture.   We feel that for most of these kids, their only hope or chance in life is to have a relationship with the Lord, which will give them the joy and peace they search for.  When the program is finished, each child is given a Manna pack, a 6 serving package of rice with protein, to share with their family.  For a lot of the children, this is their best meal of the week.

This Sunday, was extra special for the children, because they each received clothes, that were collected by our home church, Roanoke, this summer.  (As well as clothes and pillow case dresses donated to the Wray family).  As you can see in the pictures, the clothes the kids typically have are dirty, old, torn, or the wrong size.  It’s not unusual to see a child with either shorts or a shirt, but not both.  I wish all who donated clothes could have experienced the excitement and smiles we saw this week!  Thanks for your generous donation of clothes, shoes, and bags!

The children waiting at the gate to come in


Listening to the story

image image

Distributing the clothes


Pics of some of the kids with their “new” clothes. image image image image imageimage image image

Lets just say, Roanoke will be well represented in Renault!  We handed out alot of Rocket gear, Sowers Elementary School shirts, and local business shirts!

image  image image imageimage image

We have been so blessed to be able to love and serve these children! Pray with us, that these children can find hope and salvation through the one, true Savior.


  It has been a fun, busy month!  September has flown by!! We are hoping October brings a break from the intense heat. (Probably wishful thinking).  Here is a pic of the thermometer in our house. This is the temperature inside pretty much everyday……  (A little bit outside the “comfort zone”😉)

Here are a few highlights from this month…..

We are thankful to have received a container with all our supplies for this year! 

We are excited to have our dear friends Leah B and Leah K nearby! 

Afternoons of fun and swimming at the Wrays camp! For those of you who visited the camp, this is the former sea turtle pond.  

A visit from Shelovema 

Visits to Simon orphanage 

Playing with Katie (and Izzy too)

The bosses enjoying a cake 

One of the many beautiful sunsets 


Back in the swing of things. 

It’s so hard to believe we have been back in Haiti for almost 3 weeks. Furlough seems so long ago!  Although the transition back is hard,  (for some of us harder than others😉) we are adjusting back to life in Haiti.  We are so thankful we can rely upon the Lord and His strength, and not our own!  

Chloe and Gab started back to school  on Monday. They are both attending the Cite Lumiere Christian School. Here is their first day back to school picture.  Can you tell they aren’t too thrilled to have their picture taken?

We have had lots of visitors since being back.  We are especially happy to see and hold the little ones. 

Couple of prayer requests: 

Wisdom and discernment for responding to all the requests we are getting from Haitians to help with school costs.

Prayers for our physical health. 

We could have His heart for serving the Haitians. 


After a long day of travel, we arrived back in Haiti on Monday. We have spent the past few days settling in, reuniting with friends, and adjusting back to our life and culture in Haiti. It’s quite a harsh reality being back, yet we know that this is where God wants us, and He will continue to faithfully provided. 

We had an amazing time back in Illinois!  We visited for 8 weeks, and enjoyed every minute spent with family and friends. I hesitate to post pics, because we had so many special times, I couldn’t possibly post them all.  Here are just a few highlights. 

The Panther Creek triathlon!  Thanks to all who participated. The money raised went to the Construction Dept to help with roofs on Haitian churches and schools.  

A trip to St.Louis 

 A new cousin 


Family vacations









As we look forward to our 3rd year in Haiti, please pray that through our lives, we could bring honor and glory to God. 

Scripture memory shoebox bags and a view of Haitian culture. 

Attention all Roanoke scripture memory children!  Remember when you bought items, then brought them to scripture memory class and packed the bags, for children in Haiti?  Well, we had the priveledge of distributing or passing those bags out this week!  We drove out to a few different rural areas of Les Cayes, and then went out on foot looking for some of the poorest families around.   Both the parents, as well as the children were so happy and thankful to receive the bags!  We wish you all could have been here with us to help share Gods love with these families, but since that was not possible, we will share the pictures.  

Loading up the LandCruiser with the 6 tubs, full of bags. 


Walking out in the countryside to different houses.    

Here are some of the families that received the gifts. Note that some of the bags were given to the parents, because the children were in school. We tried to give 1 bag/household.  


We want to thank Debbie & Katie for going along with us and showing us the ropes. They have done a lot of distributions over their years in Haiti! With their help, our first big distribution went smoothly, with no riots or problems.  She also took some of these pictures.  We also want to thank the scripture memory class for providing the bags. 

Our next collection, for another distribution will be this summer, while we are back in the states.   We are looking for gently used, summer baby and children clothes, flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, and back packs/bags for girls and boys. 


Everyday life

I thought it would be fun to share some pics from the last few weeks.  The last 3 weeks have been about as normal as life gets in Haiti. We have had time to spend with friends as well as invest in some of our Haitian friends.

Fun with Katie


Celebrating Leah’s birthday

Chloe’s favorite friend at the orphanage fell asleep on her.  
Beating the heat by taking Izzy for a swim
Gab helping with Kids Club

Scott and Shelovema

Chloe & Izzy

Scotts birthday

Bri, Trinity, & Leah

A special visit from Tom

Farrah and friends

Couldn’t you just eat him up!

We are thankful and have really appreciated the last few weeks of a less busy schedule!  Our last construction team of this season arrives today.



Off the grid! 

Last week, we were excited and privileged to host Tim Schneider from Earthlight Technologies, and his expert team, to install solar panels and solar system on our house.  The large amount of money we were paying monthly per Kw/h for power, combined with an abundance of sunshine here in Haiti, made a strong case to invest in solar. A lot of time, effort, and planning were involved in designing the systems and getting the necessary supplies here in time for the project.  The team worked really hard, installed 3 systems in the week they were here, and still had time for a tour/beach day.  We really appreciate the effort these guys made to come do this project for us!  

Our garage/workshop for the week 


The supplier and project manager 


The team enjoying their last day at Zanglais, before returning back to Connecticut. 

We have been operating on solar power for the last week.  Even with a few cloudy days, it is producing more than we are using! Thanks!! 

Roanoke, Part 2

We had such a sweet reunion with our brothers & sisters from our home church in Roanoke!  Despite their 6 hr road trip from Port to Cayes, they were still full of joy when they arrived at the guest house,  (maybe some not so joyful about the pumpkin soup tho😉)!    As a family, we really enjoyed the evenings of devotions, praise & worship, and chatting with team.  

Here are a few pictures from the 1 day job at Ducis.  

Ladies working on the school benches 


This little guy was Bev’s quality control


 These tough ladies helped build trusses.    


Boss Ezekial patiently showing Meg where to hammer a nail 

When we needed to find Rachel or Chloe, all we needed to do was look for the group of kids, and there they were!  


Brent and his “helpers” 


Hon cutting the last piece 

Megan stayed back with Chloe, Gab, and I, when the rest of the team went out to the second job.  We enjoyed showing her the market, visiting the orphanage, the clinic, the nursing home, the hospital, and walking through the country side. 





Our last day together was spent visiting the domestic center, singing at the nursing home, then hiking the falls.    Someone even got to cross “cliff jumping” off her bucket list!   



Thanks for visiting and blessing us! It was an awesome week, one we won’t forget!  Wish I had more pics to share. Check out Bri’s blog for a few different pics @ lovingpeopleinhaiti.com

I will leave you with my favorite pic from the week!