A family pet

For those of you that know Chloe well, you know she LOVES dogs.  Ever since we left Maizy in Roanoke, over 1.5 yrs ago, Chloe has been asking for a dog. In Haiti, there are an abundance of dogs, but most of them are ugly, mean, and they all look alike.  It has been obvious, that a Haitian dog is not what our family wanted or needed.  (It’s not like the states, where you can pick any breed of dog, and have it shipped to you the next day.)

On Christmas Day, our fellow missionaries the Wagenbachs’ dog had 6 puppies!  Chloe spent countless hours playing with the puppies, taking care of them while Brent & Alisha were out on teams, and learning their different personalities. The Wagonbachs let her have first pick of the puppies. She choose one of the females, and decided to name her Izzy.  The preparations began! 

Chloe and Scott building Izzy’s dog house. 

Painting the dog house. 

Playing in the dog house

This dog is so spoiled, it received toys, shampoo, treats, and even a bed from Grandma Jean and Maizy. 

Chloe is so happy to have a dog, and can’t wait to take her to the beach. Izzy seems like a good fit for our family. I am reminded of Gods perfect timing, as I would NOT have been able to handle the stress of a new puppy during our time of transition to Haiti last year!

Missionary Retreat

This is the second year in a row, that we have had the privilege to go to missionary retreat.  Our retreat took place at Kaliko, a resort 1 hr north of Port au Prince.  We spent Thursday through Sunday, relaxing, spending time with our family and fellow missionaries, as well as being spiritually renewed. We truely enjoyed our time away from the stresses of everyday life.  The adults had classes every morning and evening, while the kids had VBS type activities. All of our afternoons were free!  We were blessed to be taught out of the book of Colassians, by an amazing, God-fearing pastor. We learned so much, and feel spiritually refreshed. 

The youth VBS program

Bri & Trinity enjoying a few last minutes in the sun before leaving. 

We had some gorgeous sunsets! 

Catching up!

Its been awhile since I posted an update! It’s been a busy, but fun few weeks! Our family is doing well and has lots to be thankful for. Everyone is healthy, the weather is gorgeous, and we are looking forward to our annual missionary retreat, starting tomorrow! Here are a few highlights from the past month….
The girls had a fun week with Jay! He is a good friend and was here with a team from Lake City, FL.


Chloe painted some canvases for Scotts office.


Bri & her friends getting ready for the weekly Friday nite praise and bible study.


A day of fun at Camp Mahanaim for Katie’s birthday!





Bri playing Battleship with Elijah via FaceTime.


A day with Daniel, Mdm Lolo’s son!


A visit to the orphanage.


A puppet show.



Looking ahead, we are excited for time away from the mission compound, a little R &R, and spiritual encouragement (in English, not Creole, which makes it even better)!!!
When we return, we will have our new puppy!



Our family has had thoughts of starting a garden, since coming to Haiti. When we lived in IL, we planted a small garden every Spring, and we were pretty successful. In Haiti, we can buy tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, and carrots, but we have been missing fresh spinach, zucchini, corn, and a few other vegetables. We were warned by a few missionaries, that the seeds we bought in IL, wouldn’t grow well in this climate. But, we had already been given seeds, so we thought we would try for ourselves. We even planted a couple different varieties of spiniach and watermelon. Instead of going to the work of tilling up a big area, Chloe had the idea to start with a pallet garden. Basically a little plot, that could be easily watered and cared for, kinda as an experiment. If it didn’t work, then there wasn’t a lot of time or money wasted.
The results…..
The green stuff you see is only weeds! Nothing sprouted up at all! Guess we will work on improving our soil and buying different seeds for next years growing season! Just for the record, the only success we have had, is with growing basil and cilantro!
Scott & Chloe’s next project…… a house for Chloe’s new puppy, coming the end of February. Hope this project is a little more successful!


This past week, we had the privilege of hosting our close friends, the Knepp & Leman families! This was the first time any of them had been to Haiti, and the first time their kids had flown! I think it was a memorable trip for everyone! They got a good look at the beauty of the island, as well as experience some Haitian culture. The 4 hour road trip from Port au Prince to Cayes was quite an eye-opener for everyone! It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of a 5th world country!

Relaxing on the back porch after a long day of travel.

Port Salut



Hiking to Tet Lakil




A day at the orphanage for the ladies and a day with the “bosses” for the guys.







What’s a visit to Haiti without a tarantula hunt?



Rainbow beach


Thanks for blessing us with your visit! It was a privilege for us to share our life here with you, and we will not forget the time we spent together!

A busy month!

December has flown by…. We have been really busy, had lots of fun, and have enjoyed some special visitors too! We were blessed to host 2 construction teams this month, a team from Bluffton IN, and a team of Scotts family/Eureka Bible Church team. Enjoy a few highlights from this month!
Fun weekend with the Walder kids!


Christmas baking

Receiving special gifts!


Fun with the Yordys!


Lots of painting!! Our living room, kitchen, and hallway are finished!


Homemade cookies and Christmas caroling at the local nursing home.


An afternoon of art projects at the local orphanage.




Quality time spent with people who have impacted Scotts life. (Lots of work accomplished too!)




A day of relaxing with the Wray family


A Christmas dinner shared with Brent, Alisha, the bosses, and their wives.


A pallet garden project for Chloe & Scott.


That’s a long post! For further details on our construction teams, check out the constuction blog: http://www.godisinhaiti.com. For a glimpse of life through Bri’s eyes, check out her blog: http://www.lovingpeopleinhaiti.com.

I want to leave you with one last picture. This is one of my favorite pics, since being here in Haiti. I feel it captures genuine love and joy.



For the second year in a row, we had the privilege of having Thanksgiving dinner at the Thompsons house. Rob & Becky do a great job of hosting, and they had 138 missionaries this year! We had all the traditional thanksgiving food, including turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. A huge thanks to Agape flights, for providing us turkeys! Every November, Agape provides a frozen turkey (and sides), for every missionary family! It was a good day, as we reflected on how God has provided for our family. We are blessed, and have so much to be thankful for!
As a side note, Scott & Brent gave all of our Haitian bosses the day off. They were very curious about our Thanksgiving holiday, and requested we cook them a Thanksgiving dinner, so they could try turkey too! So, maybe we will be sharing our turkey this year😉. Here’s the whole group! (Thanks for sharing your pics, Rob!)




Since we are talking about turkey, I will share an interesting bird story from earlier this week. While working at the guest house Tuesday, Bri called and asked me to come home, because I had a visitor waiting for me. I came home, to find the mom of our sponsor child, Guerline, sitting in our living room waiting for me. I sat down, and we chatted for awhile. As we were finishing up, Guerline told me she had brought me a “little gift” from Phaniel, the child we sponsor. Madame Lolo, our cook, walked out to our back porch, and came back in with a real, live chicken!!!! I was very surprised, and a little shocked to have a squawking chicken inside my house.

Guerline is in the middle, proudly holding the chicken. Md Lolo is on the right, trying to get the chicken to look at the camera. Madame Enoch is on the left. They are all laughing at me, because I would not hold the chicken.

The chicken was tied to the table on our back porch, to keep it from getting away!

Madame Lolo was more than happy to kill, clean, and cook the chicken for us, but we chose to regift it instead…. Md Lolo, was very thankful to take the chicken to her house. Her plan is to “plump” it up a bit, before enjoying it with her family!!
Have a blessed weekend!

The first construction team of the season.

This past week, we had the privilege of hosting Ron & Linnea Shicks construction team, from Pennsylvania. The project the team worked on, was a complicated, multi-level school roof. Despite a large amount of rain, Gods timing was perfect, and the team finished the roof. It was Chloe’s first time out on a team, and she had a really neat week! She enjoyed spending the week out with her dad! A special thanks to Leah & Alisha for watching out for her and helping her out with her hair! Bri also went out with the team, but had to return home early due to a serious eye infection.
Here are a few pictures from the week.






The team prepared some outreaches, including showing the Jesus film, a ladies program, children’s program, and eye glass clinic. One of the highlights of Chloe’s week was helping out at the eye glass clinic. She got to use her creole, as she was 1 of 4 people giving eye exams for reading glasses. After an exam determined the strength of reading glasses the person needed, the “patient” was sent to the next station to pick out a pair of glasses. If they didn’t need reading glasses, then they got a pair of sunglasses. More than 400 Haitians were served through this outreach. Needless to say, Chloe was exhausted at the end of the day. She even dreamed about the clinic that night, as she talked in her sleep (in creole😉)about 20/20 vision!



There was time for a little fun too! Who could find the biggest sunglasses??


The children’s program:


Gab & I drove out to the site on Sunday to worship with the team.

We are thankful for the Shick team and a good start to our team season, as well Gods provisions for the week.

Random pictures from everyday life in Haiti.


IMG_1588.JPG There is really a truck under all those mattresses!

IMG_1586.JPG “Don’t drink when you drive”. This is a sign along the road from Port au Prince to Cayes. We love the goat in the picture!

IMG_1749.JPG “Alleluia driving school”. So many comments I could make about this picture……..

IMG_1817.JPG This is the only stop light in Cayes! Complete Chaos! Stop or go?????

IMG_1811.JPG Molly, the cute dog we are dog-sitting, loves to get in the gator on school mornings.

IMG_0580.JPGThis picture speaks for itself.

IMG_1600.JPGFun with bars of soap, rain, and a concrete roof.

IMG_1666.JPGFun tree to climb

IMG_1813.JPGFun at the orphanage!