Introducing Anne Shelovema Le Fleur!

This little bundle of joy arrived October 16th!!! She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.

The name takes a little explaining….. The baby will be called by her middle name, Shelovema or Shelove. It’s definately an original name! The parents, Abdun & Mamize named her after the English words in her name, literally, she love ma- short for Mamize! Anne, is Chloe’s middle name, for whom she is named after.
Mamize requested that I accompany her in the delivery room, which I did. The delivery was a whole experience of its own! Wow, it’s a lot different than in the states! It truely is a miracle Shelovema survived, so I call her “ti mirak” or little miracle in creole.


15 hrs after Mamize delivered her baby, she walked out of the hospital, and I took them home in the gator! It was quite a dusty ride.

We all love holding this precious girl! We love her sweet little lips, soft curly hair, and dimpled chin. We have visited her almost everyday since she was born.




This is a picture from today!

It takes a little practice, to get the cloth diaper thing down! So thankful my girls had disposable diapers!!

Gab’s 10th birthday

We had a fun weekend, full of birthday! The festivities started with Gabby’s choice of dinner Saturday night, which was ALL american cuisine, of course. She opened a couple of presents too!


Sunday morning she opened the rest of her presents, then we headed out for a day of exploring and adventure at Tet Lakil with Leah and our German friends, the Seeles.


I have posted on Tet Lakil before, but it is one of our favorite places in Haiti, and it didn’t disappoint this time. We drove about 1 hr into the mountains, then hiked for 45 min, along a river, until we got to the natural spring. The spring water is clear and unpolluted, as we swim at the start or source of it, and very cold too!
This is a picture that shows how it is hidden back, in a cave like setting. Follow the stream back, till you see an opening. That’s Tet Lakil! It doesn’t look like much until you get up close!

Up close…..

Jumping from the cliff




After our day of hiking and swimming, we were exhausted, and came back for home for popcorn and cake.

Gab with her teacher this morning!


Thanking God for a day spent in His beautiful creation, and for blessing us with Gab!

A special week!

We had a great week with my mom! We had a good mix of activities and time to just relax and catch up. Our Haitian friends were honored to see her again. The only thing missing, was Dad. But, someone has to work to pay for trips to Haiti😉. Here is a few of the highlights.

Scott chose to eat with the Haitian bosses this day. He said there was too many ladies at the table. Madame Lolo did not approve of his choice, but got over it.


Mamize! She is expecting her first baby sometime mid-October.


Lots of games! Rummikub, sequence, quiddler, etc….


A medical clinic at the nursing home.


Observing surgery at the local clinic and a selfie in the OR😄!


A day of fun in the sun!


What a blessing she is! Thanks to all who prayed for a good week and safe travels.

A special day with my Mamma!

Today, I had the priveledge to work beside my mom! It was such a blessing, and so much fun! We helped a visiting American Dr with her clinic at Azile Dorcas, a local nursing home. My mom and I took vital signs together, and dispensed medications, as ordered by the Doctor. The residents were so thankful, and appreciative. It was the first time either of us dispensed Prenatal vitamins to geriatric patients! But, you use what is available!!😉





This is one of my FAVORITE ladies at the home! She was full of joy! This picture sums it up!


Special visitor

We were blessed by a visit from Hon this week! He came to Haiti on a vision team, which is a team focused on visiting the different ministries in Haiti. It was a whirlwind trip, but we were thankful that Hon was willing to miss 1 day of touring to spend some extra time with Scott. They found time for some fun too!


Trying Madame Lolo’s Haitian cuisine. We are so excited that Leah is back!!!


A sunset cruise to Tet Simone.



Here’s the vision team. We really enjoyed getting to know them! Such a neat group of guys! Thanks for visiting!


Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our family. We appreciate the visits, emails, packages, and most importantly your prayers, as they are vital for our family and our ministry.

No ordinary Saturday

Saturday, Scott had the “opportunity” to work with this crew of boys.


Scott was in charge of moving a missionary household, out of their house, that needs extensive remodeling. The normal Haitian bosses don’t work on Saturdays, so, he recruited this moving crew, for their strength! The boys were so excited for an opportunity to make money! I could hear them laughing and joking from our house! They were in rare form!! It was neat to see them so joyful and thankful for work.


What do you feed 7 teenage boys, that have worked hard all morning???? A huge pot of Tender Mercies (pre made packs of rice, beans, and protein) mixed with canned Pork, and brownies. They each had a heaping plate full of food.


While on the subject of boys…. Here is a picture of Jean-Lucner. He loves to work with Scott, is very teachable, and shows strong leadership qualities. He has a very kind and gentle spirit, and has a lot of potential. Jean-Lucner comes by everyday after school, and on Saturdays to work. Pray for him, as he finishes school, and that God will continue to develop their relationship.




Enough on the boys!!! Scott is always thankful to come home to his “crew” of girls for some TLC!!


Back to school


Cite Lumiere Christian School is back in session! School kicked off on Monday, with a chapel service for students, their family, and teachers. The message was about Solomon, and how he could have asked for anything at all, but chose to ask for wisdom. Great reminder for all of us!


Chloe and Gab, are blessed to have the same teacher they had last year, Mrs.Ferris. There are 2 grades in their classroom, 4th & 6th, with 9 students total. 4 of the kids are Haitian students, and 5 are missionary kids. There is a big focus on peer learning, helping one another out with questions, problems, etc. This is good, as it brings out leadership qualities, but is also challenging at times, in a multi-cultural classroom. It’s good for the girls to be back in school!


As for Bri, she started her school year 4 wks ago. She is enrolled in an ‘independant study’ program, through Abeka Academy. She watches each of her classes on DVD, at her desk. I administer and grade her tests and quizzes. It’s a challenging program, but she is enjoying it, for the most part.


Thanks for your continued prayers. We have adjusted to the heat, and are settled in.

Kenep season!


These are Kenep! Not to be confused with our good friends, the Knepps😄. Kenep are a little fruit, grown on trees, in the Caribbean. The fruit is tart, yet sweet. They are in season every August. We love these little guys, and keep a bowl of them on the table, to snack on.
They are unlike any fruit we have ever eaten. To eat them, you bite the outside, green skin, which splits the skin, and exposes the fruit. Then you “pop” it into your mouth.


You eat the flesh, covering the seed, then spit the seed out of your mouth. The fruit is kinda like the texture of the inside of a grape.


They are a fun, little treat.


We received the container with all of our food and supplies last week. We have most everything put away and organized! We are thankful it arrived so quickly this year.

The latest excitement happened just this morning……I walked into our pantry and I saw a scorpion on the floor!!! Neither Bri nor I, had the guts to step on it, so I quickly ran down to the depot, (while Bri stood guard), got one of the Haitian bosses, and brought him to the pantry to dispose of the critter. He did a fine job, and I was thankful someone was around to help us out. The weird thing about scorpions, is that everyone here says they are rare and they don’t see them, but this is the second one I have found, inside my house in 1 yr!!! And, just last week, I had everything out of my pantry, and had the entire room cleaned from top to bottom! So, where did he come from??? Needless to say, this started a lively conversation- would you rather find a tarantula or scorpion in your house???

Miles for Haiti

I want to share pics from an awesome event that was held this summer. On July 4th, Ed & Bonnie Sauder hosted their annual triathlon, with this years donations going to build roofs for churches/schools in Haiti. It was a very successful event, as well as fun and inspiring. The cool thing about the tri, was anyone could participate, and choose to do 1 or 2 events, or all 3. There were a wide range of althetes, varying from the very serious ‘Ironman’ participates, to families and kids. The morning started at 7am with rules, directions for the course, a few comments from Scott about our work here in Haiti, then a prayer.



Participants getting ready for the swim



The bikers.


This is a pic of the kids, who finished the kids tri. They worked hard by swimming, biking 6 miles, then walking/running 1.5 miles. Way to go!!


A huge thanks to the Sauders, Zimmermans, Otts, the sponsors, the participants, and all who helped make the event a success! God was glorified, and many Haitians will be grateful for many years to come.


A “Dan” reunion



We’re Home!

Here we are at the start of our day on Wednesday. We left Roanoke at 3:45am. A huge thanks to our chauffeur, who got up extra early to take us to the airport!
We made it safely to our home in Cite Lumiere, Wednesday at 9 pm. It was a long day of travel, and we were exhausted, but it was good to be home.


This is a picture of our house from the side/back. We live on the second story, on the right side of the picture. The top story, is the roof, where the kids play and ride ripsticks, in the evening.


Thursday morning, we awoke to a “tap, tap, tap” on our gate at 7:15. (That’s 6:15am, IL time). It was Bos Mario, with a gift of bananas and fresh bread. Later in the morning, Mamize stopped by to welcome us home. She was so thankful that we returned to Haiti, she sang a song of praise and said a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

Thank you for your prayers for safety during our travels back. We are settling in and getting adjusted back to life in Haiti. The heat seems to be one of our biggest challenges for now. Pray our bodies will adjust to our new climate.
Thought you might want to see a picture of the sunset Thursday night.