See previous post… on our visitor

Sorry for 2 posts in a row, but we are still trying to figure out this blog thing.

That visitor you see in the picture, well I found him in my living room this morning.  Now I realize you can’t tell the size, and he probably doesn’t look that big to you, but it was quite large, actually about 3 inches.  To say I caused quite a commotion, would be an understatement.  I later found out that it is a type of scorpion, a whip tail scorpion….. yes, in my living room! Supposedly, they are uncommon????!!!!!

We had a fun day today.  We met a bunch of missionaries at a local camp, played volleyball, and went on their waterslides.  It was so nice to meet fellow missionaries and their families.  I’m so thankful the girls had a lot of fun and met new friends.  On the downside, Bri hurt her ankle pretty bad playing volleyball, which led us to our first visit to the local clinic for a set of x-rays.  The Dr. doesn’t think she broke it, but they did send a picture to a Dr. in the US to confirm.  I would appreciate prayers for quick healing, as she is pretty miserable.

Overall, our transition is going well.  The power of prayer is so evident to me, as I could never have handled our “visitor” and a trip to the clinic on my own strength.  Please keep your prayers coming!

We are looking forward to worshipping with the Haitians tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “See previous post… on our visitor

  1. YIKES!!!! I would have died!!!! I thought it looked huge in the picture, so I can’t even imagine how big it really was!!! I’m so proud of you for not fainting on the spot like I probably would of done!!! Glad you got it out and hopefully you won’t have anymore visitors!! Praying Bri’s ankle is ok, and I can’t wait to hear about your awesome day of worship tomorrow!! Love you all soooooo much!!! Ali

  2. Hi guys! I heard you got to talk to your mom Mandy! Awesome! I hope Bri’s ankle is ok too. I had a very vivid dream last night that we came down to see you guys. Who knows, maybe someday??? I will email you later about more stuff. We think about you guys and pray for you every day. Love you all! Geege and the rest of the fam

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