Rainbow Beach


We had a great day at Rainbow Beach today!  It was a beautiful sunny day, and a great way to end the week!  I have other pics to post, but the internet connection is too slow tonight.  Maybe tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Beach

  1. Praise the Lord for a beautiful beach, a sunny day and a great day away from the daily routine. Thanks for the pics and the updates. Have a great Sunday!!!

  2. What a beautiful beach. So glad you guys can enjoy some time there. We are so thankful for your updates! From previous posts it looks like the whole family is spending lots of time in school and studying! We love you all!

  3. Dear Scott, Mandy & Girls ~ It is so great to be able to keep up with your day to day activities. Beautiful picture of the rainbow, by the way. I remember going to a beach when in Haiti ~ not sure it was the same one you went to or not. I can also relate to the difficulties with the language barriers. You can accomplish some things with sign language, but being able to communicate with the Haitans, I’m sure, is crucial for God’s purposes for you. Glad to hear the girls are together in school and it seems to be going well. Not surprised that Bri is “jumping right in.”
    God bless you!

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