School bus???

Scott taught Bri and I how to drive the four wheeler this week! This is the girls transportation to and from school, at least on sunny days. Bri calls herself a “high class taxi service”, which is debatable. Next week….. Scott is teaching me how to drive a stick shift.


6 thoughts on “School bus???

  1. Looking good there, Yordy girlies!!😀 What a neat way to get around!! I am glad you guys are happy down there!! And, I enjoy hearing about your life at your new home. Miss you guys tons!! ❤-Elly

  2. That makes going to school really fun! Who is your little “sister”? So appreciate the pics & updates!! Learning to drive a stick is always fun & interesting – takes me back to when I learned in an old pickup truck on the farm out in the pasture – a very safe place!!
    Love to all!!
    G Dusty

  3. Chloe and Gab look like twins in this picture. It’s great to hear from you and see little windows into your life in Haiti. Miss you and continue to pray.

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