Hiking, fall???, and chocolate!

We had a fun day exploring the island on Saturday. We drove 1 hour into the mountains and then hiked into the jungle for about 45 min to a natural spring/ start of a river. The water was a beautiful blue color, and very cold! It felt so good after our rigorous hike in the 90 degree sun!

We were also excited to get a little taste of fall this week. We had honey crisp apples with caramel and candy corn, among other things. It has been hard to wrap our minds around the fact that IL is in the full swing of harvest with fall weather and it feels and looks like summer here.

Few other random facts…..
I went to Western Union to buy frozen chicken legs.
I am known as Madame Scott to all the Haitians. They don’t even know my real name.
I received a bag of chocolate chips this week and can’t wait to make cookies!




6 thoughts on “Hiking, fall???, and chocolate!

  1. WOW ! ! ! WHAT BEAUTIFUL SCENERY…..the water is such a beautiful blue and the lush greenery is magnificent. And…..I didn’t see any plastic bottles, candy wrappers, paper napkins, or cups. How unique ! ! ! ! I do so enjoy reading your blogs………….THANKS AND GOD BLESS ! ! ! marna

  2. Love the pictures, it looks beautiful there and it’s good to see you guys! Glad you are able to enjoy some treats, too!! Thanks for the updates, we always look forward to reading them. Love you all!!

  3. Thank you for the updates and allowing us to share in your experience. We continue to pray for you and your family and thank God for the blessings you are the blessings you are receiving.

  4. Beautiful pictures ! Haiti is such a beautiful country. Glad you are able to enjoy a little R&R. Harvest is indeed here but not a lot of fall weather. It is supposed to hit 80 today. May God continue to bless and protect you.

  5. Checking your website for the first time, Mandy. You have some beautiful photos! Think of you and your family often.

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