Special help

Bonswa! We hear that our Illinois friends and family have had some cool weather this week! That is hard for us to believe, as our bodies continue to adjust to 90 degrees.
Things are going well for our family. The girls are adjusting well and just finished their first quarter of school. Gab and Chloe are learning French, and Bri is learning creole. Needless to say, we have some interesting conversations at the dinner table! Scott and I continue to  focus on learning creole. We spend 4-5 hrs/ day studying and practicing. We are starting to be able to communicate with the Haitians, but understanding their reply continues to challenge us. We are constantly asking “pale pi dousman, silvouple! ” – slow down please!
Because we are able to communicate a little more, we have been able to start developing relationships with our house help. I would like to introduce you to two very special ladies that God has placed in our lives.  First is Madame Lorette. She comes Monday thru Friday and cooks lunch, which is our main meal for the day. Second is Mamize. She comes Tues, Thur, & Fri, to clean as well as do laundry. Mamize is also Bri’s creole teacher. Both of these ladies are wonderful Christian women. They have fit into our family quite well, and both been such a blessing to our family. We are excited for our relationship and friendship to deepen.

I have 2 prayer requests.

1. Patience as we wait for our sea container to arrive. The container has been stuck in Port au Prince for over a week, due to the workers being on strike.
2. Understanding and persevering in learning creole for Scott and I.
Thanks for your love and support.

This is Madame Lorette


This is Mamize

9 thoughts on “Special help

  1. glad to hear things are going OK. sorry about the container – we’ll be praying for its quick arrival. good thing you guys are smart – or learning the lingo would be harder. love to you all

  2. What an awesome opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these women God has given to help you – trusting there will be an end to the worker’s strike sooooon!! Praying for clear minds as you continue to learn creole!! Love to all!!

  3. Thanks for the update and pictures. It is always good to hear about your experiences in Haiti. Hang in there with the language. Slow and steady wins the race. We pray that your container arrives soon. With all the time that has passed since you shipped it, it will seem like Christmas when you open it – hopefully it won’t literally be Christmas!!

    With our love and prayers,
    Frank & Kathy

  4. Dear Scott, Mandy, & Girls — As always we love your posts from Haiti and are reminded to thank God for His continual provision in your lives, even in the special angels He sends to help you! We continue to lift you and your families up to God in prayers, trusting that He will provide for every need in His perfect way & time. We love you lots! Steph and DL

  5. Good to hear the update! Continuing to pray for you as you adjust to your life down there. Hope your container makes it soon!

  6. Scott & Mandy,

    Thanks for your regular posts. It makes your work in Haiti more real to us as you share your experiences. I can’t relate to your challenges as missionaries but I know a Savior who can and I will continue to pray to Him on your behalf. Thanks for serving Him in Haiti. God bless.


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