Citi Lumiere Christian School Christmas Program

Tonight, the girls were a part of the CLC Christmas program. Chloe and Gab sang 2 songs with their class, and Bri was an Angel in the play/choir. It was neat to celebrate the birth of Jesus with multi- cultured families. We finished the program by lighting candles and singing Silent Night in English, German, and French. Here are a few pics.




Chloe and Gab with classmates Shama and Guersham 20131218-213534.jpg


8 thoughts on “Citi Lumiere Christian School Christmas Program

  1. Beautiful pictures! There is something special about a multi-cultural Christmas. From our experience it captures the diversity of God’s creation but yet His Unity in tying us altogether in Christ.

    God’s blessings to you this Christmas season!
    Frank, Kathy and family

  2. How awesome for your girls! They look so great! Love seeing the pics because it gives us a glimpse of your life on a daily basis! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Gods blessings as you serve Him!! Love you guys!!!

  3. I’m sure your evening was a bit of heaven on earth as we sing in the song “from every tongue and tribe and nation will join in the song of the Lamb”!! Thanks for the pics – love to all!! G Dusty

  4. Thanks for the update.

    Let’s see . . . we missed out on a multi-lingual candlelight rendition of Silent Night. And you are missing out on an ice storm ! I think you come out ahead on this one !

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas ! !

  5. Dear Scott, Mandy, & Girls — Thanks so much for the pictures. It’s such a good reminder that God sent His Son to redeem all of us everwhere! A devotion I read this week said that “when we encourage our friends who have left their familiar environments to serve God elsewhere, we show our love for the One who sent them!” We are truly lifting you up in prayer as you submitted to His calling to serve and we love you and Him! Blessings this holiday season — DonnaLou

  6. Dear Scott and Mandy and family,
    We wish you the merriest Christmas yet in your new home. We all miss you much and hope to see you back soon.
    Love, Alan, Dave, Chae, John, Lisa, Mary Beth, Kathy, Mel, Carol, Danielle, and Lauren.

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