Have you heard of the ” shoebox” project? It’s something that we have participated in as a family for several years and also through scripture memory class at Roanoke. Basically, you buy supplies, hygiene items, school supplies, toys, etc, pack them in small boxes, and send them out. The boxes get distributed all over, as Christmas gifts for kids. My girls, especially Chloe, loved doing this project. Every year we would talk about where the gifts could be going, who would get them, and how we thought the children would react to receiving a gift. This year, we were blessed see the response of our 2 house workers and their children receive shoeboxes. We had a special helper do the shopping for us, and ship them to Haiti. It was priceless to be able to see their reactions. For the adults, it was the only gift they have received in years. They were so thankful. It also opened the door to speak about the most important gift ever given, the gift of salvation. Enjoy these pictures.










3 thoughts on “Shoeboxes

  1. We have participated in the Shoe Box project thru our church also. Really neat to see your pictures!! I pray for your family often and still marvel at your faith. Really glad to see you are all adjusting so well. Your family is amazing!! Miss you!!

  2. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus……using those simple shoe boxes to share Jesus, the greatest gift ever given with the Haitians……God bless!! Love, G Dusty

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