Well, we are 4 months into our journey here in Haiti. Some things are beginning to seem familiar, some are going to take a little longer….
I thought I would share a few milestones with you.
1. We are officially finished with our formal language lessons. We completed 25 lessons from the Lets speak Creole book! We are not by any means fluent, but have made a lot of progress! Now, we need to continue to speak as much creole with Haitians as we possibly can every day.
2. Scott has given me approval to drive on my own! I passed his driving course and have made 2 trips to town on my own! 4 months ago, I truly thought I would NEVER drive in Haiti.
3. We have not found a tarantula in our house!
4. The Walder family has arrived! We are so thankful to have them living in the apartment below us.
5. My parents are visiting Friday!

Thank you for your prayers, we could not do this on our own strength! God has been so faithful.
Here are a few pictures from everyday life here.
This is a picture of the market I frequently shop at.

A visit to the orphanage


A gorgeous sunset at the beach

Exploring caves


5 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. I continue to enjoy hearing all about your work there in Haiti. I know it must be better to be able to communicate with the people there……AND to be able to drive now. I love all the pix. I’m so glad that Gina and Rob will be coming. I’m sure that you will cherish each moment with them as will they. Carla is retiring THIS VERY WEEK from teaching. She’s sooooo excited and soooo ready. Love and blessings to all…………….Marna

  2. Huge milestones – learning – living – loving in Haiti – thru it all GOD IS FAITHFUL!! The children are so precious! Thank you for the post – love the pix! Remember….where God’s will takes you His grace and love will protect and keep you – PRAISE THE LORD!! Love to all!! G Dusty

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. So good to see pics of the kids and their interactions with others. Quite the store. We should appreciate IGA, huh? So glad you can now drive, Mandy. I am thrilled that your mom and dad can come to see you and spend time with you. Enjoy your time together, and keep posting pics. and keeping us upcated. I don’t always reply (shame on me), but so glad when my email says there is another update. Keep serving the Lord and showing His love.
    Love you all,

  4. Those are milestones and it just goes to show you that God is all powerful and can do amazing things in our lives when we allow Him to. Love to hear from you and continue to keep you in my prayers.

  5. What wonderful milestones! And there will be many more to come. Having your folks there will push your language skills – maybe even more than what your teacher pushed you (It is always a challenge to have to translate for visitors). We are so glad you can share your life in Haiti with your folks! With our love and prayers –

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