We were blessed to have my parents, Rob & Gina, visit us in Haiti. They were the first family that we have seen since we left Illinois is September. I can’t even describe how awesome it felt to see them in person and hug them. We had a wonderful week together, but it went way too fast! Thank you to ALL of you who sent hugs and love along with them.
Here are a few of the highlights.
A day at Port Salut, including a lobster lunch!




Remember Phaniel??? Dad & mom kept him for several months while he had heart surgery 15 yrs ago. We not only got to see him again, but met his whole family.


A visit to Tet Simone


Chloe & Gram making her famous angel food cake.



Last but not least, meet Jay! He might as well be one of our family!


We are thanking God for the blest week we had together.
Looking ahead, we are excited to have Larry, Edie, Cory, & Kim visit for a week in Feb.

6 thoughts on “Family!!!

  1. Awesome pictures! So good to see Phaniel again. The angel food cake looks very professional and delicious!! Families are so special – glad yours can come visit. We miss your smiling faces in Roanoke but are so thankful you are doing God’s work in Haiti. Love you all! Jim and Mrge

  2. Great pics. Sounds like you had a great week. I’m a little jealous of the weather as the current thermometer reading here is -8. What is that about a 90 degree difference??? Love you all and wish you God’s continued blessings.

  3. What a blessing family is! So thrilled that you all got to spend some time together. I love seeing an update from your family in my email!
    Girls, as of today we have used all of our “snow” days for the year. The temperature for the last two days has been crazy cold! It looks so weird because the sun is shining, the roads are completely clear, and we are sitting inside wondering why we aren’t in school. One step outside reminds us though! Thankful for the sunshine.
    Love and prayers to you all!

  4. We are so glad you could share your life in Haiti with your parents. What a special time! 1000 Skype times, e-mails, etc. cannot even come close to spending real time with each other. Great pictures! We are anxious to talk to your folks when they get home to hear all about their time.

  5. Hi Manders! I just sent you an email. Obviously I should have checked your blog BEFORE I sent that. 🙂 Love the pictures! So glad you had a great week with your mom and dad. SO thankful they got to see Phaniel again and meet his family. How awesome! Love you so much, hugs to everyone. Geege

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