We were blessed to have Scott’s parents, Larry and Edie, along with his sister and brother in law, Kim and Cory , visit us last week. We had been anxiously awaiting this week for a long time! We had a fun and productive week together! This was their first time visiting Haiti. They were all very brave, and tried many new foods, including lobster. We enjoyed showing them around, and sharing our lives with them.
Here are some pictures from the week.
A visit to Port Salut




What is everyone looking at???

Just this…. The girls LOVE taking guests tarantula hunting.


A visit to the orphanage, one of Chloe’s favorite places.



Pizza at the Hot Spot.



10 thoughts on “Family!!

  1. Thanks for the post! We are so thankful that both sets of parents have been able to experience your life in Haiti. What a blessing for your family! With our love and prayers!

  2. So glad your family could visit! These are great pictures, and everyone looks so happy. Hope your team season is going well, and we look forward to seeing you in a few months!

    • Thanks for your prayers, Janet!
      Our address:
      Scott & Mandy Yordy
      ℅ Agape Flights CAY 27518
      100 Airport Ave
      Venice, FL 34285
      Hope you are having a good school year!

  3. We are so glad that the 4 of them could visit you. Are they gone already? If not, tell them it is snowing here and they had better soak up the sun and sand while they can 🙂

  4. We are so glad that the 4 of them were able to visit you. Tell them that it is snowing right now and they had better soak up the sun and sand while they can 🙂

  5. And what a week it was – thank you for sharing living, learning & loving in Haiti – it was evident & obvious that God’s goodness & mercy follow us wherever we go all the days of our lives!!!!
    Love to all!!

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