It’s hard to believe our “baby” is 14! We celebrated by taking a bunch of Bri’s friends to the beach at Port Salut. It was a great day to swim and play volleyball. We are so thankful for her, and are blessed to be her parents.



I had a special birthday this year, for many reasons!
1.I had the Roanoke team here!
2.I woke up to my kitchen being fully decorated with balloons, streamers, pompons, table cloth, fun plates, and napkins!
3.I had an inbox FULL of love and birthday wishes!
4.I had a yummy, double chocolate cake!
5.Madame Lorette baked me a Haitian cake and gave me a vase with flowers! (see below- notice the vase/flowers)
6.I had lots of gifts from family and friends, sent down with the team!
Thanks to everyone, who helped make it a wonderful birthday!


We celebrated Mamize’s birthday 4/1. We made her a chocolate cake, per her request, and sent it home for her to share with her family and friends. We sang to her, and even had her blow out candles! It was fun to celebrate with her!

Monday, is Madame Lorette’s birthday. She also requested a chocolate cake 🙂 We are looking forward to spoiling her next week! Pics to come!

6 thoughts on “Birthdays!

  1. And we we so blessed to be Bri’s grandparents – just a few short years from babe to a young lady who loves the Lord & has such a heart for His people – we are so thankful – God is so good & all is for His glory!! Please share our love & best wishes with Mamize & Madame Lorette – they are such a blessing to your family & we are so grateful for them!! Love to all!! G Dusty

  2. Greetings of love, Everyone! What a beautiful young lady. As grandparents, it’s hard to believe our grandchildren can be teenagers. Kate (and Mandy!) are 36 this year and I told Steph that I thought WE were 36. He looked at me and said, ” We are NOT 36″! I guess my timing was bad as he had just worked some 20-hour days during tax season.

    We love you and are so thankful when you take the time to send updates. We pray for you often but it reminds us to pray for all of the missionaries around the world!

    Love you — DonnaLou

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