Overflowing with thankfulness!

Last week, we were fortunate to host a work team from our hometown of Roanoke! It was an awesome week! The team worked very hard, along side of the Haitians to finish the largest roof this year.
The roof was for the school and church at LSM’s Cancer Redemption Project. Here are a few fun facts for the project….
17,230 linear ft of lumber used
1730 sq ft of plywood for gussets
330 – 12 ft pieces of roof tin (15,840 sq ft)
Approx 600 pounds of nails!!
Bumps, bruises, cuts, and bent nails -we lost count!
Most importantly, we believe God was glorified, and many children were blessed by the efforts made.
Here are before and after pics.


More pics from the week



The ladies hard at work on the benches and school desks.



Lunch time!



On Sunday, we had the priveledge of worshipping with the parents and children who live at the homes of hope, as well as touring their homes.





The ladies did a great job on the benches, and finished early! So, we took the opportunity to have a fun day of visiting the local market, touring and shopping at the domestic center, and having lunch at our house.



The last day was spent touring the hospital at Bonn Finn in the morning, followed by a drive to Port Salut for lunch and beach time.



There were lots of special times throughout the week. One of the best things, was that Bri’s best friend Elly came with the team. Bri and Elly were able to spend a lot of time together and reconnect. We were so blessed to be able to share our lives with those we love. We appreciate all the effort that was made, and all the gifts, hugs, and love that the Roanoke team brought with them.
“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Col 2: 6-7





6 thoughts on “Overflowing with thankfulness!

  1. Always love seeing what is going on with you all in Haiti! You are doing such wonderful work and we are so proud of you!! Thanks for sharing! Love ya lots!!!

  2. Praise God for safety in their travels, the work that was done that week, and for the fellowship that was shared! What a blessing that they could share in your life down there! Love you Yordys!!

  3. Kathy and Rachel came back home with so many stories of their experience in Haiti. How I wish I could have joined them. It sounds like your family has made a wonderful adjustment to life in Haiti and that God is working mightily through you to touch lives with His love.

  4. So fun to catch up on all the pictures! Your doing such a great job documenting your life there 🙂 we are continuing to pray for you guys!! Love you so much!
    Chad & Kristy & fam

  5. Good Morning Yordy Family, And to all your co-workers, friends and neighbors, We have the privilege of speaking with you this week via email or snail mail. We are encourage and blessed as we follow your activities in Haiti. With the busy holiday week end finally past, we have some catching up to do. Our hope and prayers are that you folks had a blessed and enjoyable “Lord’s Day (Easter) while praising the Lord for His sacrifice and spreading the news of His resurrection.

    We were delighted to attend a “Sunrise Service” on Sunday at Phil & Lynn’s patio followed by a delicious breakfast. It was an awesome moment as scripture was read while we (70+) experienced the sun rising in the eastern sky.

    The Knepp Easter was on Saturday and with the long day on Sunday, we were ready to crash. However, Monday is our day with our preschool grandchildren which turned out quite well, being the beautiful weather on the past few days(70-80 ‘s).

    We look forward to your family and activity reports, knowing that your decision to join the Haitian restoration and mission has brought joy, peace and happiness to your dreams. I’m sure you keep up on progress (& sometime regress) in Roanoke’s church & town thru the internet so there’s very little more we can report. Scott & Bri, Ken still comments about the cold November day when you all were installing columns on Janet K’s house. What a beautiful experience and satisfying accomplishment working beside you.

    Well, hopefully tomorrow or soon we’ll have something more to write about and talk again. Have a great day!!

    Our love,

    Ken & Judy

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