Haitian Schwann’s man

It’s taken awhile, but after 7.5 months, we have figured out how to get an occasional ice cream treat! This man comes around to our house 1-2x’s/week, and we can buy different types of popsicles. They are individually wrapped, and yes, he carries them all around in that cooler on his head! We buy them for 25 gourds, or 47 cents US.


The second “treat” we have tried is a Sno cone. It does seem a bit sketchier than a pre-wrapped Popsicle.


This man, actually used a hand shaver and shaved ice off of a large block of ice. Next he put it in a cup, and asked if we wanted “red or pineapple” syrup. Red syrup??? The girls said, “you mean strawberry, raspberry, or cherry?” Nope, it was just “red”. It really wasn’t very good, so we haven’t tried it again.

Needless to say, we are eager to see a
Dairy Queen, Uncle Bobs, Coldstone, or Baskin-Robbins sign!!

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