A few of our favorite things…

We would like to share a few of our “favorite” Haitian products with you.

First, is fruit! We LOVE Abricot, Mangoes, and Starfruit. (Yes, we left out Papaya!!)

Abricot are the brown fruit on the left, mangoes are on the right, and you can probably guess which are the Starfruit.

This is a mango tree.


Next, is a chocolate sandwich cookie, with a yummy, minty, creamy middle. It is similar to a mint Oreo, and the closest thing to a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie, we have tasted for a long time!


The last product is an energy drink, called Toro. This is reserved for Scott only! The girls are no longer allowed to drink it. (you can ask Chloe about that story sometime :)) He prefers the ‘Citron’ (or lime flavor) flavor, but we haven’t been able to find any for 5 or 6 months.


The truth is, although we are thankful for these products, we are looking forward to being back in the states, where we can get lots of our familiar favorites.

6 thoughts on “A few of our favorite things…

  1. You can add Papaya back in and leave out Abricot 🙂

    Hope your remaining time there and your travels home go well ! ! God Bless ! !

  2. That fruit looks amazing….yum. Right off the tree! Can’t wait to hear the energy drink story from Chloe! I’m real curious what happened! :). And we cannot wait until we see you all again back here!!

  3. Yummy fruit!! We are finishing up the school year and have had a few minutes to make some things to send to you. Can you get your address to me? Thanks!! I pray for you daily!!!

    • Janet,
      Thank you for your prayers. We appreciate your prayers and support. It’s hard to believe school will be finished soon!
      Our address is Mandy Yordy
      C/o agape flights Cay 27518
      100 airport ave
      Venice, IL 34285.

  4. Glad you have found some fun food! Everyone is SO looking forward to your visit home! Now I’m sure the girls are anxious to see their new little cousin Bennett.

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