The Haitian Bosses

We are so thankful for the Haitian bosses that work for the MEBSH construction department. There are 4 full time bosses, Mario, Elor, Ezekiel, and Verell. Those who have been to Haiti on work trips, probably know them. In Haitian culture, boss is the name given to any given worker, in charge of an area. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with this group of Christian men. In the 9 months Scott has worked with them, he has learned to appreciate each of their different talents and abilities. Mario especially likes to give Scott a hard time about his creole, and has forced him to pray in creole at morning devotions. They are much easier on us girls!
Today, Brent & Alisha, along with Scott & I took the opportunity to show our appreciation to the bosses, by taking them and their wives to Port Salut for lunch and beach time. It was neat to be with them on a social level and get to know their wives. We hope they felt appreciated! I think it was a special day for all of us!


Boss Mario & Boss Elor


Boss Ez and his wife


Boss Verell and his wife


3 thoughts on “The Haitian Bosses

  1. What a great way to show your appreciation and to do it as couples!. We loved the post. It was great to get to know the people you work with on a regular basis. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Greetings Dear Yordy Family! I leave your posts in my inbox so I can pray for you often. I know you were in the States for a visit — are you still here or back in Haiti? We had a Haitian minister speak at our Bible Study session last Sunday morning before church. His name is Nathan Dieudonne — do you know him? I didn’t get a chance to meet him but we’re so thankful he was willing to come and share his testimony and experience with our Gridley church family. Also keeping up with you through the Woodford Co. Journal this month and hope that the event at the Sauder’s was successful! It’s been a beautiful month and so thankful for the relatively cool weather and timely rains.

    We love you so much and are thankful you’ve answered God’s call to the mission field in Haiti. Our fervent prayers are with you!

    Blessings — DonnaLou

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