Bon Vwayge!!

As I write this, we are sitting in Port-au-Prince airport, anxiously awaiting our flight to Miami. It’s hard to believe we have lived in Haiti for the past 9 months! As we look back, we can see how God has faithfully provided, every step of the way!
The last few weeks have been packed full of activity! On the fun side, snorkeling, having friends over, game nights, last visits to the orphanage, etc. We have also had some very emotional times. Madame Lorette, our cook, has been sick and her newborn boy was close to death and has been hospitalized for the past week. God has presented us with some very unique experiences as well as exposure to culture through daily visits to the pediatric tent. Thankfully, the baby, though still hospitalized, has gained strength, and it appears he will pull through.
Yesterday, our Haitian bosses and friends blessed us with songs, prayers, benedictions, and even a few heartfelt tears. Thank you to everyone who has supported our family through prayer, mail, care packages, and emails. We are looking forward to sharing our world with you this summer.



















5 thoughts on “Bon Vwayge!!

  1. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. The day with all of its anticipation has finally arrived! May God bless you with safe flights and good connections. We look forward to seeing you soon! Blessings!

  2. We have sooo been thinking about you all!!! God speed on your travels home – prayers are with you!! I hope you will have some time to see us over here – I know your time will be limited and your 2 months will fly by quickly!! Maybe we can fit in a cookout here or something like that!!! love you all :)!!!!!!!!!

  3. What an event-filled last few weeks it has been for your family! We have been thinking of you all and praying for safe travels! Looking forward to having you back home for a while!

  4. Don’t know where 9 months has gone but what I DO know is thru it all our God has been faithful as always – provision, protection, peace!!! The pics are wonderful!! So thankful Madame Lorette’s babe is improving – he looks so much better!! See you very soon!!! Love to all !!!
    G Dusty

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