Kenep season!


These are Kenep! Not to be confused with our good friends, the Knepps😄. Kenep are a little fruit, grown on trees, in the Caribbean. The fruit is tart, yet sweet. They are in season every August. We love these little guys, and keep a bowl of them on the table, to snack on.
They are unlike any fruit we have ever eaten. To eat them, you bite the outside, green skin, which splits the skin, and exposes the fruit. Then you “pop” it into your mouth.


You eat the flesh, covering the seed, then spit the seed out of your mouth. The fruit is kinda like the texture of the inside of a grape.


They are a fun, little treat.


We received the container with all of our food and supplies last week. We have most everything put away and organized! We are thankful it arrived so quickly this year.

The latest excitement happened just this morning……I walked into our pantry and I saw a scorpion on the floor!!! Neither Bri nor I, had the guts to step on it, so I quickly ran down to the depot, (while Bri stood guard), got one of the Haitian bosses, and brought him to the pantry to dispose of the critter. He did a fine job, and I was thankful someone was around to help us out. The weird thing about scorpions, is that everyone here says they are rare and they don’t see them, but this is the second one I have found, inside my house in 1 yr!!! And, just last week, I had everything out of my pantry, and had the entire room cleaned from top to bottom! So, where did he come from??? Needless to say, this started a lively conversation- would you rather find a tarantula or scorpion in your house???

7 thoughts on “Kenep season!

  1. I think i’d have a heart attack if I saw either in my house!
    Love keeping up with y’all’s adventures. Know you enjoyed your time in IL! Take care. Prayers with you all!! Love ya!

  2. No doubt for me — I’d rather find a scorpion as I have a phobia about spiders! Maybe from accidentally running through a huge spider web in my grandparents’ orchard when I was young and being covered in dead bugs?!

    I’m so glad you’re home again safely (and it sounds like it feels like home). Your mom is really looking forward to visiting in Oct.! I am hoping, Lord willing, to travel to CVE in Oct. with a couple of sisters from Gridley church. We just had a sending service yesterday for Kupferschmids. I don’t know if you’ve met them yet through World Relief but they are following God’s clear call to serve at CVE. It brought back a lot of memories of your sending service a year ago!

    We love you and pray for you often. Goodness, the girls are growing up so quickly and are beautiful young ladies. May God always bless, strengthen, provide patience, peace, & comfort in your service to Him and those around you.


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