Back to school


Cite Lumiere Christian School is back in session! School kicked off on Monday, with a chapel service for students, their family, and teachers. The message was about Solomon, and how he could have asked for anything at all, but chose to ask for wisdom. Great reminder for all of us!


Chloe and Gab, are blessed to have the same teacher they had last year, Mrs.Ferris. There are 2 grades in their classroom, 4th & 6th, with 9 students total. 4 of the kids are Haitian students, and 5 are missionary kids. There is a big focus on peer learning, helping one another out with questions, problems, etc. This is good, as it brings out leadership qualities, but is also challenging at times, in a multi-cultural classroom. It’s good for the girls to be back in school!


As for Bri, she started her school year 4 wks ago. She is enrolled in an ‘independant study’ program, through Abeka Academy. She watches each of her classes on DVD, at her desk. I administer and grade her tests and quizzes. It’s a challenging program, but she is enjoying it, for the most part.


Thanks for your continued prayers. We have adjusted to the heat, and are settled in.

7 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. We always appreciate the updates and pictures. It looks like your school year is off to a great start. We sure miss you!
    with prayer,

  2. My goodness, how the girls have grown so quickly! I know it’s a sign of my age, but when Kate turned 36 in Jan., I asked Steph if WE were 36?! He replied (in the middle of tax season): “We are definitely NOT 36!” I wouldn’t want to go back to that age & have to relearn everything God has taught us in the past 20+ years but in my mind . . . some days . . . I’m still young 🙂 Graham passed me in height this summer, of which he is pretty pleased. I don’t mind, as he still loves to give hugs and we’ve been blessed with grandchildren that are all affectionate.

    So glad to hear you’ve adjusted to the warmer climate and are settling into the school routine again. I think Kate & Ashley are also glad to be back in a routine and so far, the kids seem to enjoy school. It’s hard to believe that Reese, our youngest, is in 1st grade already this year — we really are getting old!!

    We’re looking forward to potluck @ Getz’s Sat. night & then we’re having your folks & Ray & Gladys Slagel for church & dinner Sunday. Your mom said she’s ready to visit with them and we’re anxious to hear their experience of having daughters & families in the mission field in Haiti. I just read the prayer request for Hospital Lumiere & we’ll keep them lifted up to our Great Provider, along with you & your dear family.

    We love you lots & know God will provide for your every need in His special way in His perfect time, DonnaLou

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  3. Love your posts! Can’t wait to come down in person and see you all and where you live. Please let us know what we can bring you as we won’t sign up to send a box this time since we are planning to come – might as well save some postage. See you soon – Lord willing.

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