No ordinary Saturday

Saturday, Scott had the “opportunity” to work with this crew of boys.


Scott was in charge of moving a missionary household, out of their house, that needs extensive remodeling. The normal Haitian bosses don’t work on Saturdays, so, he recruited this moving crew, for their strength! The boys were so excited for an opportunity to make money! I could hear them laughing and joking from our house! They were in rare form!! It was neat to see them so joyful and thankful for work.


What do you feed 7 teenage boys, that have worked hard all morning???? A huge pot of Tender Mercies (pre made packs of rice, beans, and protein) mixed with canned Pork, and brownies. They each had a heaping plate full of food.


While on the subject of boys…. Here is a picture of Jean-Lucner. He loves to work with Scott, is very teachable, and shows strong leadership qualities. He has a very kind and gentle spirit, and has a lot of potential. Jean-Lucner comes by everyday after school, and on Saturdays to work. Pray for him, as he finishes school, and that God will continue to develop their relationship.




Enough on the boys!!! Scott is always thankful to come home to his “crew” of girls for some TLC!!


4 thoughts on “No ordinary Saturday

  1. Our prayers are with Jean-Lucner and the special relationship God has developed between him and Scott. We loved the picture of Scott and his girls at the end. With our love and prayers.

  2. Continually reaching out and relating – praising & thanking God for your servant heart!!
    Jean-Lucner’s cap – so cool! Love to all!! G Dusty

  3. Oh Dear Family — As always, we love the pictures & notes you send! How easy it must be to love the Haitian people with their engaging smiles & willingness to work with you & for you. We will continue to pray that their hearts can be open to hearing God’s Word & they will respond with a willingness to do what He asks of us. We will also continue to pray for you, that Jesus’ love will be evident in your lives and that He will give you the words to speak when their hearts are ready to receive.

    We love you so much and are thankful you’ve answered God’s call to serve in Haiti. It won’t be long before your mom is there — I know she can’t wait!

    Trusting in Him, DonnaLou

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