A special day with my Mamma!

Today, I had the priveledge to work beside my mom! It was such a blessing, and so much fun! We helped a visiting American Dr with her clinic at Azile Dorcas, a local nursing home. My mom and I took vital signs together, and dispensed medications, as ordered by the Doctor. The residents were so thankful, and appreciative. It was the first time either of us dispensed Prenatal vitamins to geriatric patients! But, you use what is available!!😉





This is one of my FAVORITE ladies at the home! She was full of joy! This picture sums it up!


6 thoughts on “A special day with my Mamma!

  1. What answered prayers to know that your mom has arrived safely & is using her talents at the clinic, along side you! By her smiles, I wonder if she’ll want to stay longer?!

    Sending love & prayers to all of you — DL

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  2. It’s always special when a mom and daughter are together! And even more so when they’re serving God’s people together!

  3. What a great blog! We are so thankful for the mother/daughter time you could enjoy together. How special! Prenatal vitamins for geriatrics? – who knows, before long some medical journal will be writing a report on this and it will probably become the new fad for nursing homes in the U. S. 🙂

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