A special week!

We had a great week with my mom! We had a good mix of activities and time to just relax and catch up. Our Haitian friends were honored to see her again. The only thing missing, was Dad. But, someone has to work to pay for trips to Haiti😉. Here is a few of the highlights.

Scott chose to eat with the Haitian bosses this day. He said there was too many ladies at the table. Madame Lolo did not approve of his choice, but got over it.


Mamize! She is expecting her first baby sometime mid-October.


Lots of games! Rummikub, sequence, quiddler, etc….


A medical clinic at the nursing home.


Observing surgery at the local clinic and a selfie in the OR😄!


A day of fun in the sun!


What a blessing she is! Thanks to all who prayed for a good week and safe travels.

8 thoughts on “A special week!

  1. So happy that Gin arrived there safely and home safely too!! She was sooo looking forward to her trip to spend time with her sweet family. I know that you were all blessed by just being together and having a week together. Love the pictures and seeing a little of what the week was about!! I just spoke with your mom and she sounded great but tired – will take a couple of days to readjust. Know that you all there are always in our thoughts and prayers….love you lots, Marsh

  2. Dear Mandy — It looks like you had a wonderful week with your mom! I smiled when you mentioned that your dad was working to pay for your mom’s trip — that’s also what I tell people when I travel without Steph 🙂 I know your mom & I are both looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) when we can travel with our hubbies and serve God & others together. We’re excited to think that we may be able to travel with our campers & dogs on winter rebuilding teams. Your dad even offered to teach Steph a few things about electrical work!

    I was curious in the first picture — was that Renee at the table with you? I think I met her once & after having dinner with her parents, I hope your mom was able to meet her. What a special family!

    We love you so much & continue to pray that God will give you His grace, strength, direction, & peace for each challenge you face, knowing that He is also showering you with many blessings!

    Trusting in Jesus, DonnaLou

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  3. It’s so good to be able to keep up with what’s going on with you. Also, thankful you have been able to have 2 visitors since your return, with your Mom and Hon. Both really enjoyed their time with you. On Friday, when your Mom was having trouble with her ticket, she wasn’t too worried ~ she was going to get to Haiti, I think even if she had to swim! We love you and pray for you often!

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