Gab’s 10th birthday

We had a fun weekend, full of birthday! The festivities started with Gabby’s choice of dinner Saturday night, which was ALL american cuisine, of course. She opened a couple of presents too!


Sunday morning she opened the rest of her presents, then we headed out for a day of exploring and adventure at Tet Lakil with Leah and our German friends, the Seeles.


I have posted on Tet Lakil before, but it is one of our favorite places in Haiti, and it didn’t disappoint this time. We drove about 1 hr into the mountains, then hiked for 45 min, along a river, until we got to the natural spring. The spring water is clear and unpolluted, as we swim at the start or source of it, and very cold too!
This is a picture that shows how it is hidden back, in a cave like setting. Follow the stream back, till you see an opening. That’s Tet Lakil! It doesn’t look like much until you get up close!

Up close…..

Jumping from the cliff




After our day of hiking and swimming, we were exhausted, and came back for home for popcorn and cake.

Gab with her teacher this morning!


Thanking God for a day spent in His beautiful creation, and for blessing us with Gab!

7 thoughts on “Gab’s 10th birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Gab………….looks like you had quite a nice day of celebration. Thanks to you and your family for keeping us posted on all your activities in Haiti. We LOVE reading the blogs. We’re looking forward to having Gina, Marshie, and Carla and (hopefully a day or two with Dirk) here next week for my 83rd birthday. All is well with us. I’m still playing tennis three days and week, and TRY to ride my bike (15 miles) on the days I don’t play tennis. Carl’s alzheimers is Slowly progressing. He sleeps a lot more than he did before. LOVE YA’ Marna.

  2. Thanking & praising God for His beautiful creation of Gab, who could celebrate her birthday in His beautiful creation, Haiti!! Love to all!! G Dusty

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