Introducing Anne Shelovema Le Fleur!

This little bundle of joy arrived October 16th!!! She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.

The name takes a little explaining….. The baby will be called by her middle name, Shelovema or Shelove. It’s definately an original name! The parents, Abdun & Mamize named her after the English words in her name, literally, she love ma- short for Mamize! Anne, is Chloe’s middle name, for whom she is named after.
Mamize requested that I accompany her in the delivery room, which I did. The delivery was a whole experience of its own! Wow, it’s a lot different than in the states! It truely is a miracle Shelovema survived, so I call her “ti mirak” or little miracle in creole.


15 hrs after Mamize delivered her baby, she walked out of the hospital, and I took them home in the gator! It was quite a dusty ride.

We all love holding this precious girl! We love her sweet little lips, soft curly hair, and dimpled chin. We have visited her almost everyday since she was born.




This is a picture from today!

It takes a little practice, to get the cloth diaper thing down! So thankful my girls had disposable diapers!!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Anne Shelovema Le Fleur!

  1. Wow! Chloe must feel very honored. I think I would stick with Anne:) It is amazing how each culture has their own way of welcoming a newborn into the world. When you are back home next time, ask Kathy about our experience with our 3 boys being born in Japan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carla and I are sitting here loving all the pics!! such a precious baby! We are oooing and ahhing over the cute pics of the baby and everyone else too. Hope that all is well!

    Gina, Dirk and Marsh are here also. We are having a wonderful time together this week. Love y’all!!!

  3. Oh such a sweet, sweet baby!!!!! So glad you shared with us. Very special for Chloe. Love you all and praying for you always.

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