Random pictures from everyday life in Haiti.


IMG_1588.JPG There is really a truck under all those mattresses!

IMG_1586.JPG “Don’t drink when you drive”. This is a sign along the road from Port au Prince to Cayes. We love the goat in the picture!

IMG_1749.JPG “Alleluia driving school”. So many comments I could make about this picture……..

IMG_1817.JPG This is the only stop light in Cayes! Complete Chaos! Stop or go?????

IMG_1811.JPG Molly, the cute dog we are dog-sitting, loves to get in the gator on school mornings.

IMG_0580.JPGThis picture speaks for itself.

IMG_1600.JPGFun with bars of soap, rain, and a concrete roof.

IMG_1666.JPGFun tree to climb

IMG_1813.JPGFun at the orphanage!

4 thoughts on “Random pictures from everyday life in Haiti.

  1. Dear Scott, Mandy, & Girls — What fun to see all of the pictures of your lives & activities in Haiti! I know it takes time & effort to keep us posted but we appreciate it so much.

    We had potluck at your folks last Sat. & are so thankful for our group. Fred & Lynn weren’t able to be there but everyone else was, & your dad included our special friendship in the meal prayer. We’ve been through a lot together, with God, & appreciate the love, prayers, & support we’ve received & have been able to give through the years. Your mom mentioned that one of your girls was able to go with a vision team to help translate, & that you are all gaining quickly on learning Creole. She said the first year was overwhelming with so many new things — none of us can imagine! God inspired me Sunday morning to share your experience so far with the Gridley family who moved to Magdalena several months ago. Kathy messaged me back immediately & said it’s just they encouragement they needed that morning — their 13-year-old son is really struggling right now. I am praising God for using you in Haiti to bring encouragement to someone in MX!

    Your mom also said it was so good to see Ray & Gladys again at the Haiti benefit. I know that it was part of God’s perfect plan that I met them for the first time on a rebuilding team in Biloxi, & that we could bring them & your parents together for support in their shared experience. The older I get, the more I realize all things work together for His perfect plan in each of our lives!

    Our love, thoughts, & prayers continue to be with you.


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