For the second year in a row, we had the privilege of having Thanksgiving dinner at the Thompsons house. Rob & Becky do a great job of hosting, and they had 138 missionaries this year! We had all the traditional thanksgiving food, including turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. A huge thanks to Agape flights, for providing us turkeys! Every November, Agape provides a frozen turkey (and sides), for every missionary family! It was a good day, as we reflected on how God has provided for our family. We are blessed, and have so much to be thankful for!
As a side note, Scott & Brent gave all of our Haitian bosses the day off. They were very curious about our Thanksgiving holiday, and requested we cook them a Thanksgiving dinner, so they could try turkey too! So, maybe we will be sharing our turkey this yearπŸ˜‰. Here’s the whole group! (Thanks for sharing your pics, Rob!)




Since we are talking about turkey, I will share an interesting bird story from earlier this week. While working at the guest house Tuesday, Bri called and asked me to come home, because I had a visitor waiting for me. I came home, to find the mom of our sponsor child, Guerline, sitting in our living room waiting for me. I sat down, and we chatted for awhile. As we were finishing up, Guerline told me she had brought me a “little gift” from Phaniel, the child we sponsor. Madame Lolo, our cook, walked out to our back porch, and came back in with a real, live chicken!!!! I was very surprised, and a little shocked to have a squawking chicken inside my house.

Guerline is in the middle, proudly holding the chicken. Md Lolo is on the right, trying to get the chicken to look at the camera. Madame Enoch is on the left. They are all laughing at me, because I would not hold the chicken.

The chicken was tied to the table on our back porch, to keep it from getting away!

Madame Lolo was more than happy to kill, clean, and cook the chicken for us, but we chose to regift it instead…. Md Lolo, was very thankful to take the chicken to her house. Her plan is to “plump” it up a bit, before enjoying it with her family!!
Have a blessed weekend!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. That looks like a Thanksgiving celebration the Pilgrims and Indians would’ve been proud of! Happy holidays to you all!!

  2. If you are a chicken and you wake up with a cord tied to your leg – it is not going to be a good day !

    Great pictures – looks like a good time was had by all !

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