Our family has had thoughts of starting a garden, since coming to Haiti. When we lived in IL, we planted a small garden every Spring, and we were pretty successful. In Haiti, we can buy tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, and carrots, but we have been missing fresh spinach, zucchini, corn, and a few other vegetables. We were warned by a few missionaries, that the seeds we bought in IL, wouldn’t grow well in this climate. But, we had already been given seeds, so we thought we would try for ourselves. We even planted a couple different varieties of spiniach and watermelon. Instead of going to the work of tilling up a big area, Chloe had the idea to start with a pallet garden. Basically a little plot, that could be easily watered and cared for, kinda as an experiment. If it didn’t work, then there wasn’t a lot of time or money wasted.
The results…..
The green stuff you see is only weeds! Nothing sprouted up at all! Guess we will work on improving our soil and buying different seeds for next years growing season! Just for the record, the only success we have had, is with growing basil and cilantro!
Scott & Chloe’s next project…… a house for Chloe’s new puppy, coming the end of February. Hope this project is a little more successful!

10 thoughts on “Projects….

  1. What a bummer about the garden. It appears you did all the right things. Maybe your experience is another parable about the sower and the seed. No matter what we do, only God can grant the increase.

  2. Good morning! I finally had a chance to catch up on emails this morning & LOVED all of the pictures of your holidays, family & friend times, gardening projects (reminds me of your mom), etc. And a puppy – how fun! That also reminds me of your mom’s love for dogs (and mine) and our husband’s tolerance of our little companions.

    I’m always so amazed at how quickly your girls are growing up & changing into beautiful young ladies. I see it in our own grandkids – especially Graham (12 1/2) & Mason (12). They’re both taller than me & Mason has braces now. How does that happen so quickly?! They still have very tender hearts but that “teenage mind” is starting to be evident, so I pray extra for all of you that are at that stage of life!

    I’m so glad Lemans & Knepps could visit. Scott & Erin have a special place in our heart (& prayers), as Scott saw our little Westie when he was working here one day & decided their family needed one too. Dash is younger than Keltie but I know how sassy terriers can be!

    Our love, thoughts, & prayers continue to be with you in the mission field in Haiti. We hold fast to God’s promise that all things work together for good to those that love & serve Him, wherever & whenever He calls us! I loved your Christmas picture & will print it to put on our frig for a constant reminder of prayers!

    Trusting in Jesus, DonnaLou

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