A family pet

For those of you that know Chloe well, you know she LOVES dogs.  Ever since we left Maizy in Roanoke, over 1.5 yrs ago, Chloe has been asking for a dog. In Haiti, there are an abundance of dogs, but most of them are ugly, mean, and they all look alike.  It has been obvious, that a Haitian dog is not what our family wanted or needed.  (It’s not like the states, where you can pick any breed of dog, and have it shipped to you the next day.)

On Christmas Day, our fellow missionaries the Wagenbachs’ dog had 6 puppies!  Chloe spent countless hours playing with the puppies, taking care of them while Brent & Alisha were out on teams, and learning their different personalities. The Wagonbachs let her have first pick of the puppies. She choose one of the females, and decided to name her Izzy.  The preparations began! 

Chloe and Scott building Izzy’s dog house. 

Painting the dog house. 

Playing in the dog house

This dog is so spoiled, it received toys, shampoo, treats, and even a bed from Grandma Jean and Maizy. 

Chloe is so happy to have a dog, and can’t wait to take her to the beach. Izzy seems like a good fit for our family. I am reminded of Gods perfect timing, as I would NOT have been able to handle the stress of a new puppy during our time of transition to Haiti last year!

11 thoughts on “A family pet

  1. Looks like you got yourself a great dog. You shouldn’t have any difficulty distinguishing your dog from the Haitian dogs:)

  2. Greetings of love! From one dog lover to another, you made my day with the pix of Chloe & Izzy. There’s something special about a dog’s unconditional love! (As I’m typing this, Keltie is curled up on my lap, her favorite place in the morning when I’m reading His Word & catching up with emails.)

    We have thought of you so much the past couple of weeks after Jon & Ashley had a house fire & we thought of yours several years ago. So much work, uncertainty, displacement, concern, but also a renewed sense of God’s presence, protection, peace, & trust. They lost pretty much everything, including their little dog, but no one was injured, so we’re thankful for that. They have found a temporary home while they work through the process of finding a lot in Gridley to rebuild. Steph & I lived there 20 years & Jon & Ashley lived there 10 years so there are lots of memories, including potlucks! Several families have offered to replace their dog when they’re ready. When we go through hard times, we receive so many blessings of a small community & supportive church families in central IL.

    We love you & pray for you often. Thanks for your posts so we can stay connected!

    Trusting in Jesus, DonnaLou

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  3. Izzy looks like a great dog Chloe! You can come over to our house anytime this summer and see puppies too. 🙂 I love the house you painted. So cute!

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