Love from Roanoke, part 1

We have been blessed to have 2 special weeks in a row!  The first week was a visit from my parents, and the second from our church family!  We had so much fun and soaked up lots of love!  It is always a joy to share our life here with those we love! 

Our week with mom & dad was relaxing.  They have been to Haiti  before, and have seen a lot of the sites already, so we were able to hang out and do stuff at home. Most of the Haitians remembered them from their visit last year, and were happy to see them again!   They arrived just in time for Bri’s birthday, and brought in steaks to grill for her birthday dinner!  


A day at Rainbow Beach 


Lots of games! 


Reconnecting with Lolo & Dan and Mamize & Shelovema



A hike up the Rivye Glas 


Dad hard at work, helping with Scotts to-do list and helping Jean-Lukner practice his English!



A visit with Phaniel and his family 


It was hard to see the week end, but we have so many good memories!   Thanks, mom& dad! 

To come, Part 2, the Roanoke team!!!!!! 



4 thoughts on “Love from Roanoke, part 1

  1. So glad you got to spend time with your parents! What a blessing! I love that I know where some of those pics were taken now! 😀

  2. All the pix were so great. I know Rob and Gina were greatly blessed by their visit. Loved the pic of the new puppy. It is sooo cute! ! !

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