Roanoke, Part 2

We had such a sweet reunion with our brothers & sisters from our home church in Roanoke!  Despite their 6 hr road trip from Port to Cayes, they were still full of joy when they arrived at the guest house,  (maybe some not so joyful about the pumpkin soup thoπŸ˜‰)!    As a family, we really enjoyed the evenings of devotions, praise & worship, and chatting with team.  

Here are a few pictures from the 1 day job at Ducis.  

Ladies working on the school benches 


This little guy was Bev’s quality control


 These tough ladies helped build trusses.    


Boss Ezekial patiently showing Meg where to hammer a nail 

When we needed to find Rachel or Chloe, all we needed to do was look for the group of kids, and there they were!  


Brent and his “helpers” 


Hon cutting the last piece 

Megan stayed back with Chloe, Gab, and I, when the rest of the team went out to the second job.  We enjoyed showing her the market, visiting the orphanage, the clinic, the nursing home, the hospital, and walking through the country side. 





Our last day together was spent visiting the domestic center, singing at the nursing home, then hiking the falls.    Someone even got to cross “cliff jumping” off her bucket list!   



Thanks for visiting and blessing us! It was an awesome week, one we won’t forget!  Wish I had more pics to share. Check out Bri’s blog for a few different pics @

I will leave you with my favorite pic from the week!   



3 thoughts on “Roanoke, Part 2

  1. Thanks for the pictures!! We can’t stop talking or thinking about our trip!! We love and miss you guys!! 😘😘

  2. Thanks for the great pics! Rachel was full of stories when she got home. She had such a wonderful time. Keeping you in our prayers!

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