Off the grid! 

Last week, we were excited and privileged to host Tim Schneider from Earthlight Technologies, and his expert team, to install solar panels and solar system on our house.  The large amount of money we were paying monthly per Kw/h for power, combined with an abundance of sunshine here in Haiti, made a strong case to invest in solar. A lot of time, effort, and planning were involved in designing the systems and getting the necessary supplies here in time for the project.  The team worked really hard, installed 3 systems in the week they were here, and still had time for a tour/beach day.  We really appreciate the effort these guys made to come do this project for us!  

Our garage/workshop for the week 


The supplier and project manager 


The team enjoying their last day at Zanglais, before returning back to Connecticut. 

We have been operating on solar power for the last week.  Even with a few cloudy days, it is producing more than we are using! Thanks!! 

2 thoughts on “Off the grid! 

  1. Hello Yordy Family! I’m so sorry I hadn’t responded to your earlier post & now I’m TWO behind! Loved the pix of your dad & mom visiting all of you, and could almost taste those steaks that your dad brought for Bri’s birthday! What a special time for them to visit. Also loved seeing how quickly your puppy is growing & how much fun the girls seem to be having. Jon & Ashley just got another dog (after losing theirs in the fire). He’s a year old & housetrained, so that has helped, but there’s still some transitions & comparing to their other dog. Luckily, he gets along with Keltie – one of the tests before they committed to keeping him.

    I’m also excited to see how God has provided for your electrical needs in such a special way, using His power for your power (in so many ways!). I wish we could say that with all of the windfarms in our area, our power bills are less, but I think it must all be going to Chicago 😦

    Steph & I bought a little camper last weekend so we’re hoping to try it out Memorial Day weekend with your folks. We have a lot to learn about camping & we can’t think of any better experts than your parents! We’re also excited to take Keltie to play with Lucy Liu again.

    We love you, pray for you, & ask God often to provide for your every need.

    Trusting in Jesus, DonnaLou

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  2. Sounds like this will be a very big savings. We met with the Bertschis and Hodels this evening after church. Thankful to hear first hand how you are all doing. With our love and prayers,

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