Scripture memory shoebox bags and a view of Haitian culture. 

Attention all Roanoke scripture memory children!  Remember when you bought items, then brought them to scripture memory class and packed the bags, for children in Haiti?  Well, we had the priveledge of distributing or passing those bags out this week!  We drove out to a few different rural areas of Les Cayes, and then went out on foot looking for some of the poorest families around.   Both the parents, as well as the children were so happy and thankful to receive the bags!  We wish you all could have been here with us to help share Gods love with these families, but since that was not possible, we will share the pictures.  

Loading up the LandCruiser with the 6 tubs, full of bags. 


Walking out in the countryside to different houses.    

Here are some of the families that received the gifts. Note that some of the bags were given to the parents, because the children were in school. We tried to give 1 bag/household.  


We want to thank Debbie & Katie for going along with us and showing us the ropes. They have done a lot of distributions over their years in Haiti! With their help, our first big distribution went smoothly, with no riots or problems.  She also took some of these pictures.  We also want to thank the scripture memory class for providing the bags. 

Our next collection, for another distribution will be this summer, while we are back in the states.   We are looking for gently used, summer baby and children clothes, flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, and back packs/bags for girls and boys. 


4 thoughts on “Scripture memory shoebox bags and a view of Haitian culture. 

  1. Thanks for posting this, Mandy! It certainly brings service projects to life to see the faces on the receiving end. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Appreciate and enjoy your blogs. God is working bountifully through you and your family. Prayers and continued blessings to you all. Marge

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