After a long day of travel, we arrived back in Haiti on Monday. We have spent the past few days settling in, reuniting with friends, and adjusting back to our life and culture in Haiti. It’s quite a harsh reality being back, yet we know that this is where God wants us, and He will continue to faithfully provided. 

We had an amazing time back in Illinois!  We visited for 8 weeks, and enjoyed every minute spent with family and friends. I hesitate to post pics, because we had so many special times, I couldn’t possibly post them all.  Here are just a few highlights. 

The Panther Creek triathlon!  Thanks to all who participated. The money raised went to the Construction Dept to help with roofs on Haitian churches and schools.  

A trip to St.Louis 

 A new cousin 


Family vacations









As we look forward to our 3rd year in Haiti, please pray that through our lives, we could bring honor and glory to God. 

3 thoughts on “Furlough

  1. We enjoyed the pictures of your summer in Illinois. Our prayers are with you as you transition back to your life in Haiti.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your heart & experience with us! We are so thankful you’ve arrived back in Haiti safely & are adjusting. It’s hard to believe that you’re beginning your 3rd year there already, although for you, at times, it may seem a lot longer!

    We love all of you, pray for you & the mission field in Haiti, & will do our best to support your folks. I know it’s always an adjustment for them after you leave too.

    May God always bless, guide, protect, & provide for all of your needs as you serve Him where He has called you. Keep trusting in Him!

    In His love, DonnaLou

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