Back in the swing of things. 

It’s so hard to believe we have been back in Haiti for almost 3 weeks. Furlough seems so long ago!  Although the transition back is hard,  (for some of us harder than others😉) we are adjusting back to life in Haiti.  We are so thankful we can rely upon the Lord and His strength, and not our own!  

Chloe and Gab started back to school  on Monday. They are both attending the Cite Lumiere Christian School. Here is their first day back to school picture.  Can you tell they aren’t too thrilled to have their picture taken?

We have had lots of visitors since being back.  We are especially happy to see and hold the little ones. 

Couple of prayer requests: 

Wisdom and discernment for responding to all the requests we are getting from Haitians to help with school costs.

Prayers for our physical health. 

We could have His heart for serving the Haitians. 

4 thoughts on “Back in the swing of things. 

  1. May God give you great wisdom and discernment in responding to the many requests. Even though you cannot meet all the needs, we pray that all who come to you will see Christ in you. As I read your blog, I thought of Christ and his great compassion. He healed many, but He did not heal all. His ways are beyond our human understanding, but this we know, He never fails and His ways are perfect. May you be blessed with good health as you go about serving the people God has placed in your life.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your prayer requests! We’re lifting all of you up into our Father’s hands, trusting Him to provide for you, those you love, & those in need in Haiti.

    Together, we will trust Him one day at a time!

    Love you – DonnaLou

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  3. Thanks so much for taking time to share your heart on this blog! Norm and I will continue lifting you all up in prayer…your prayer request “We could have His heart for serving the Haitians” brings me to tears, and I say a big “AMEN!” to having His heart while we serve others for His glory. A humbling reminder to serve Him and trust in His plans for our lives every single step of the way…to take the steps in faith when He does put a calling on our hearts. Norm and I plan to come in November, and I pray for what God has in store for all those involved during that time. I look forward to seeing you in Haiti!!

    Blessings to you and your amazing family! It was so nice briefly talking to you before you all went back to Haiti…God’s timing is the best timing. I also want to share this encouraging blog post from a sister in Christ. Keep dong what you are good at! 🙂

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