It has been a fun, busy month!  September has flown by!! We are hoping October brings a break from the intense heat. (Probably wishful thinking).  Here is a pic of the thermometer in our house. This is the temperature inside pretty much everyday……  (A little bit outside the “comfort zone”😉)

Here are a few highlights from this month…..

We are thankful to have received a container with all our supplies for this year! 

We are excited to have our dear friends Leah B and Leah K nearby! 

Afternoons of fun and swimming at the Wrays camp! For those of you who visited the camp, this is the former sea turtle pond.  

A visit from Shelovema 

Visits to Simon orphanage 

Playing with Katie (and Izzy too)

The bosses enjoying a cake 

One of the many beautiful sunsets 


4 thoughts on “September

  1. Wow, that’s hot! I hope you have a break from the heat, too. It looks like you’re making time for the special people around you and the beauty of God’s creation. I love all the pictures!

  2. Love looking at all your pictures!! Hope the heat subsides abit for you all!! Just to let you know that we are thinking about you so often and praying that God continues to protect and guide you all thru this journey. Love you all lots and lots…..Jim and Marsh

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