Sunday Mornings


Sunday mornings are a very special time for our family. Most Sunday mornings, you will find us helping out a fellow missionary family, Rod, Debbie, & Katie Wray, at Renault, in one of the poorest slums in Les Cayes. The Wray’s, started a Sunday school program, about 6 years ago, with a few kids, in a small tent. The program has grown to 1200-1400 kids, and is held under a large pavilion. The program is a safe haven for children, a place they can worship the Lord, learn bible stories and biblical truths, and memorize scripture.   We feel that for most of these kids, their only hope or chance in life is to have a relationship with the Lord, which will give them the joy and peace they search for.  When the program is finished, each child is given a Manna pack, a 6 serving package of rice with protein, to share with their family.  For a lot of the children, this is their best meal of the week.

This Sunday, was extra special for the children, because they each received clothes, that were collected by our home church, Roanoke, this summer.  (As well as clothes and pillow case dresses donated to the Wray family).  As you can see in the pictures, the clothes the kids typically have are dirty, old, torn, or the wrong size.  It’s not unusual to see a child with either shorts or a shirt, but not both.  I wish all who donated clothes could have experienced the excitement and smiles we saw this week!  Thanks for your generous donation of clothes, shoes, and bags!

The children waiting at the gate to come in


Listening to the story

image image

Distributing the clothes


Pics of some of the kids with their “new” clothes. image image image image imageimage image image

Lets just say, Roanoke will be well represented in Renault!  We handed out alot of Rocket gear, Sowers Elementary School shirts, and local business shirts!

image  image image imageimage image

We have been so blessed to be able to love and serve these children! Pray with us, that these children can find hope and salvation through the one, true Savior.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to show this to my kids, who went through their closets for this. Great to see how we can bless others!

  2. Sunday morning at Renault is an eye-opening, life-changing event – so thankful we were able to attend & partner with the Wray’s & their helpers – may they never grow weary of the work God has called them to do – sharing Jesus & His love with those precious children!!!

  3. Wow…God is so good! I loved seeing these pictures (especially the Rockets shirt) and can’t wait to love these children at Renault in person when we come in a couple of weeks. Praying for these children especially that they accept Christ into their hearts!

  4. Greetings, Dear Yordy Family! Thanks for sharing the pictures so we can see the excitement of those you serve in the provision of God. He is in ALL things – big & small & is everywhere. Such a good reminder for all of us to pray for all of you who are serving away from home & for those who are serving at home.

    We enjoyed camping with your folks & Lucy a couple of weekends ago. We had beautiful fall days & very chilly nights! Lots of good food, fellowship, laughter, barking (with 2 dogs) & love. Your mom said that is hopefully the last time they will be in the pop-up camper & we’re excited to see how God provides & directs them. As your dad & Steph are both getting close to retiring from their careers, we are excited to see how God will use all of us in the next step of life. We know He has a plan & we are willing to follow where He leads.

    We love you, think of you & pray for all of you often!


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