Weekend fun

We found the closest thing to a water park in Haiti!   We drove to the mountains to explore a reservoir with some of our  good German friends.  The area was gorgeous!!  Everyone enjoyed jumping, climbing, and sliding.  Afterwards, we hiked down the stream, to the waterfalls.


Hiking the falls 

A few random happenings….

A gator ride with some of the girls from the orphanage!

Gabby & Sarah playing in the rain and puddles! (Notice their mud socks) 
The closest thing to McDonalds we have found…. This lady sells the best pate’s around, and she always has a smile!

 Often times, we see things that make us “take a second look.”  It’s rare that we can grab the camera quick enough to get a picture, especially if it is while we are driving. We have seen this a few times, and have never gotten a pic, until now….  Check it out

 What is it?


It’s a tiny pick up carrying way too many mattresses!  You wouldn’t see that on Rt 116!

2 thoughts on “Weekend fun

  1. The mattress picture is hilarious! I’m thinking, “Who would want to sleep on one of those?!” But I guess that shows how spoiled we are here in America, with our mattresses neatly transported in plastic coverings! Thanks for sharing!

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