Yordy/Eureka Bible team

We are thankful to have spent a great week with family and a small group from Eureka Bible Church. Larry, Edie, and Kim worked with the construction team for 1 day, then worked on some much needed painting in the 2 apartments below our house. The rest of the team consisted of Ben Frerichs and Norm & Kristen Hostetler. They helped put a roof on Bambou church, as well as a school.

 Loading up for the day!

Bambou church


Ladies working on benches and spending time with the local kids.


We were excited to take the group to Renault Sunday school on Sunday morning!  We recognized a lot of clothes that had been passed out a couple weeks prior! 

We had a fun afternoon of hiking, swimming, and jumping at the waterfalls!

Another special event that happened during the week, was that our friend Mamize had her 2nd baby girl!  I got to be with her during the birth again.  The miracle of birth is amazing to me.  We really saw the hand of God, and we witnessed first hand, the power of prayer.  She started the morning by having to go to a hospital in town, for a C-section.  That is not a desirable option anywhere, but especially here!  The team, family, and friends started praying for her, and by 12:15pm, she had a healthy baby vaginally, without complications!   God is good!     (The baby doesn’t have a name yet)

It is always special when we get to share our life in Haiti with family and friends!  We were blessed by our time together!

Thanks and a shout out to Kristen Hostetler, the team photographer, for the great pics!  Thanks for sharing your talents!

3 thoughts on “Yordy/Eureka Bible team

  1. I love your post, Mandy! I’m so thankful for God’s timing in having you post this today. I used a handful of your pictures in the large slideshow that will be shown before/after church at Eureka Bible this Sunday 🙂 Blessings to you and your sweet family – I will always be thankful for the time spent with all of you. Can’t wait to keep coming to Haiti every year – God’s work there is just incredible. BTW, it was my pleasure to take about over 1,000 pics (LOL!) during the week.

    Love you, sweet friend!

  2. What a blessing to have your family in Haiti! We loved the pictures! The front entrance to the Bambou Church is really creative! They must be so excited to be this far along in their building project.

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