Christmas gift bags! 

We were blessed with the opportunity to visit a local Christian deaf/handicapped school this week.  Our main purpose, was to find out more information about the school, then distribute Christmas gift bags (similar to the shoebox projects). The school is located down the road from our home, in the village of Simone.  As we toured the school, Madame Lukner shared the story of how the Lord inspired and gave her the vision of the deaf school.  The school consists of 3 classrooms, and 3 bunk rooms.  The bunk rooms are for the children that don’t have family or that live too far away to commute daily.  This school provides a safe, Christian environment for kids who would otherwise might be uneducated, social outcasts in Haitian society.   We enjoyed visiting the school, but really felt an all-too-familiar communication gap, that we hadn’t felt for awhile.  (This time it wasn’t because we didn’t know Kreyol, but because we don’t know sign language.)  Thankfully, knowing sign language was not necessary to see how excited and thankful the children were to receive the gifts.  They shared their love and thanks though their expressions and hugs.

Lukner and his wife.  They founded and run the school. Pictures just don’t capture the true joy and thankfulness that these children showed.


   A big thanks goes out to Tammy Barth and the St. Peter Lutheran Church in Benson, for collecting, assembling, and sending the bags.

2 thoughts on “Christmas gift bags! 

  1. Dear Yordy’s – I always love reading & seeing your life & calling in Haiti! Your experience of going to the deaf school was especially touching to me. David & Kate have been involved in the deaf schools in Jamaica for many years & have learned sign language. When we were in MX recently, David met a young boy & his mother who were both deaf. As he started to sign, he realized that they didn’t know english & he didn’t know much spanish! Ah, another reminder of the tower of Babel & the beginning of languages to separate us. God has allowed the blessing of techology to keep us in touch with each other & encourage each other though. A missionary from CVE & I are doing a Bible study together through facebook video. What an amazing experience to be able to see each other while we talk about God’s word!

    Our love & prayers are always with you, but especially during the holidays. May you share His love, joy, & peace to everyone on your path.

    DonnaLou Sent from my iPad


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