Christmas, part 1

Christmas in Haiti doesn’t “feel” like Christmas felt when we lived in IL, for many reasons.  Thankfully, there is a constant, and that is, the real reason that we celebrate this season, the birth of Christ!  We are thankful that we can celebrate the birth of Christ and share His love with those around us, in whatever country we are.   Take a look at a few of the fun Christmas activities happening around Cite Lumiere, from the past couple of weeks.

Christmas art with the girls German friends 

Christmas caroling at the nursing home and local clinic and passing out cookies

A Christmas dinner for the bosses and their families  

Helping the Wrays wrap 800 jars of peanut butter to hand out at Renault Sunday school for Christmas

Scott and Chloe working on my Christmas gift!

God’s blessings to all of our family and friends as you celebrate the birth of Christ, and the best gift ever given!

5 thoughts on “Christmas, part 1

  1. Your posts always bring me such joy and a huge smile – thanks for taking time to keep us all updated. Praise be to God for the work He is doing through each of you in Cite Lumiere…we need to touch base on the phone sometime 🙂 I need your help with something, and I will email you about it! Lots of love to all of you in Haiti!!

  2. Love the bench Yord!! Nice work! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! Love the pics and posts! Keep them coming! Love you all and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Amen (Rich), if we have Christ in our hearts than we can celebrate Christmas no matter where we are.
    All of you serving there are a blessing to the Haitains as I know they are to you. I’m so thankful that you have such a wonderfuf family there around you! Thanks for all you do.

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