Christmas- Part 2- A surprise!

Christmas was extra special this year!  The girls and I were blessed to be able to make a surprise trip back to Roanoke for the Christmas holiday!  We spent 12 days in Roanoke, surrounded by the love and comfort of family and friends.   It was the girls idea to surprise as many people as possible, and they pulled it off pretty well!  The only thing that could have made it better, was if Scott could’ve come along.  Our days were packed full of fun, and we are thankful for every minute spent with family and friends.  Here are a few highlights!

The girls were so excited to play in the snow!

Words can’t describe how thankful we are for the gift of being able to spend Christmas in Roanoke!  It was a special time, celebrating the birth of Christ, with our family and friends, one we will not soon forget!

6 thoughts on “Christmas- Part 2- A surprise!

  1. God is GOOD!!!!!! You were so blessed to have been given the oportunity to be in Roanoke with family. I spoken with Gina and I know your being there MADE her Christmas!!!!! Loved all the pix of your visit!! Love and Best Wishes, Marna

  2. And what a SURPRISE it was – sooooo much fun – thanks for the memories!! A big thank you to those who made the trip possible!!

  3. It was such a great surprise!! It blessed our hearts, we loved being able to see you, spend time with you, and SQUEEZE you!! We love you all!!

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