Flat Miles

“Flat Miles” came to visit Haiti a few weeks ago!  Flat Miles, was sent to our family from Miles Leman, as part of his Flat Stanley school project.   The girls particularly liked his Cardinal shirt, as well as his goatee. Due to spending Christmas in Roanoke, we didn’t have much time to take him around, but we did manage to show him some of the geographical features of Haiti, as well as visit a couple of our favorite places!  

His first stop was the Renault Sunday school program.   The program takes place in one of the poorest slums of Les Cayes, and is a ministry that holds a special place with our family. Flat Miles was among 1200 children worshipping the Lord, and learning about Jesus.   

Here he is on the roof of our house, over looking the bay of Les Cayes. 

This is Flat Miles in front of a banana plant and blossom.   

This is typical scenery around the southern part of Haiti.  Lots of mountains and rolling pastures.   

In front of a palm tree, which are very abundant here!  

Here he is at Gelee Beach, on the Caribbean Sea, where the water is always warm!    

Here is Flat Miles on a fishing boat.  This is a typical fishing boat found here.  They remind me of what I picture boats from biblical times, would have looked like.  We have been in boats similar to this, when we travel to different islands around us.  They actually do float!  The 2 fishermen who owned the boat, really couldn’t figure out why we were taking a picture of the paper doll on their boat, but were happy to let us do so!    

Miles, thanks for picking our family and the island of Haiti, for your Flat Miles project!   Maybe you will get a chance to visit Haiti yourself one day!! 

5 thoughts on “Flat Miles

  1. Looks like Flat Miles got quite a tour of your part of Haiti! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon again, too! Marvin & Nancy

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