Renault Clothes Distribution #2

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to help the Wray family distribute the rest of the clothes and shoes that were collected this summer during our church’s VBS! Due to the large amount of items that were donated, we were able to do a second distribution at the Renault Sunday school program.  I wrote about the first distribution in Oct, titled’Sunday Mornings.’  We feel the most important thing we can do for the 1200 children that attend weekly, is help teach them about Jesus, and give them a hope of going to heaven someday.  It is an added blessing, to be able to give them clothes and/or shoes!!  It took 2 hours, after the normal Sunday school lesson to distribute the clothes.  The girls and I helped sort and distribute the clothes, along with a team visiting the Wrays.  Scott was the lucky one in charge of keeping the approx 750 boys in order, while the girls filed through the line first.  (In my opinion, he had the toughest job by far!)   I wish you could all experience their joy and the smiles on their faces when they receive clothes.  Thank you for your generous donations!

 Packing the clothes and shoes this summer

The distribution line (toward the end)


Enjoy some pics of the kids with their “new” clothes!

Before & After!

3 thoughts on “Renault Clothes Distribution #2

  1. Awe – love seeing these kiddos with their new clothes! Renault is such a very special place for Haitian kids to come to know Jesus 🙂

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