Tuesday Evenings

Every other Tuesday evening, we join the Kaeb family at the Simon orphanage.  There are 26 girls, and 2 younger boys, who live at the orphanage.  It is run by 2 Godly, Haitian women.  We have enjoyed getting to know the children over the past 2 1/2 yrs, but our relationships with them have deepened significantly, since we have been going on a more regular basis.  The girls are learning English as a part of their schooling, and its neat to see their improvements over time.  Our schedule usually goes something like this….. We enjoy a time playing, jump roping, swinging, drawing with chalk, or being silly together.  Next, we have a time of praise and worship, then a devotional, followed by an application question.  The girls sing so beautifully, and with their whole hearts.  Each week, I am touched by their worship.  Below, is a picture of Bernie sitting behind the bongo.  She definitely has a gift for music and rhythm, as she plays along with the songs.  There is usually a lot of laughter during the question time!  It seems like the girls truly enjoy our participation and hearing our answers to the question too.  Then, of course, is snack time.  Typically, we take popcorn or cookies/bars, but this past week, we had a request for pizza!  The younger girls really seem drawn to Les & Scott, as they miss having a  father figure in their lives.  We are thankful for the opportunity to get to know these beautiful children and young ladies!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Evenings

  1. What a blessing. We love the picture of the little girl asleep on Scott’s lap. What a picture of contentment! With our love and prayers –

  2. Dear Yordy’s – Again, thank you so much for taking time to share your life with us. It’s such a wonderful reminder of the opportunities you have to touch other lives & the blessing you are to so many. It also reminds us to continue in fervent prayer for all of the missionaries around the world!

    I just returned from CVE & it’s always a good reminder that Satan doesn’t want missions to succeed in sharing the Gospel. It’s hard, sometimes lonely & frustrating, but God is all-powerful. We were reminded yesterday in church that Satan is right below God in power & we, by ourselves are no match for him. But praise be to God for his mercy, compassion, strength, & peace. The older I get, the more I have learned to ask for the fruit of the spirit in all circumstances in my life & he has never failed me!

    It took me just a minute to process the blue jeans & note from you! We’re meeting your folks this Saturday for breakfast to deliver them & catch up. Most of our potluck has been traveling this winter & haven’t been together since Randy & Janet’s wedding reception in November. We get very lonesome for everyone since we don’t live in the same town & worship together.

    Steph plans to attend a board meeting at CVE the end of March & we’re looking into taking our camper & dog with us. It will definitely be a first & if successful, we may be international travelers with your folks some day!

    Our love, thoughts, & prayers continue to be with all of you, DonnaLou

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