This week

This week, Bri, Chloe, and I had the opportunity to help out another missionary family!  We translated for one of their medical teams!  The medical team had 10 providers (Drs, NP’s, and PA’s), as well as 2 dentists, seeing patients.  There were 19 other medical professionals (RN’s, pharmacists, MOA’s,) on the team as well.  It was an awesome week!   We did 3 full days of clinic (8-4:30 or 5), where 800 pts were seen every day, then a half day with 400 pts!   The amount of patients we saw, just blew my mind, and wouldn’t have been possible without the organization of the missionaries hosting the team, as well as everyone on the team working together!  In my mind, it exemplified the body of Christ working together.  Everyone using their own gifts and talents together to serve a larger purpose for the kingdom of God.

We saw a lot of fascinating things, as well as children/babies that brought tears to our eyes.  The medical clinics were held at 3 different locations.  The first 2 days of clinic were at Renault, the slum where the Sunday School program is every Sunday.  It was such a blessing to help out these people!  We recognized several children, and got to meet their parents too, which doesn’t happen on Sundays!  This yearly clinic is most likely the only medical care most of the Haitians have access to.  All the patients went through the intake process first, where they put their age, name, and complaints on paper.  The next stop was vitals, followed by a quick exam by the Dr or dentist.  After seeing the patient, the Dr would refer them for glasses, scabies wash, or nursing, where they received wound care, injections, fluids, or simple exams such as urine testing, or blood sugar checks.  The last stop for the patients was the pharmacy!  Most patients, adults or children, walked away with a worm pill and vitamins, at the very least.

Chloe working in the reading glasses clinic!


Bri in the pharmacy for 3 days, then translating for Dr.Audrey


Here is a look the clinics, as well as some of the patients!  The second clinic we helped with, was an open air clinic, by the ocean!  We were thankful for tarps, which shaded us from the sun!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to help out with this ministry!  It was probably one of the most exhausting, challenging, yet rewarding weeks I’ve had since being in Haiti.  It was refreshing to be able to use my nursing background, as well as creole, to work together with others, for the greater good of these Haitians.  It was an added bonus, that I could do it with Bri and Chloe!

4 thoughts on “This week

  1. Wow, what an experience! You must be so proud of your girls and thankful for the young women they are becoming. I hope you can rest and recover this weekend!

  2. Mandy sounds like a wonderful experience and the joy of helping others in Christ’s name makes it even more precious – and with the girls too! Blessings to you and praying that you will have many more opportunities to share God’s love and power!

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