Love from Roanoke!

Last week, was a week packed full of singing, laughing, and fellowship, as we served the Haitians with the Roanoke team!   It was so nice to see familiar faces!  The 14 people that came, brought so much encouragement, joy, and fun with them!  The week went way too fast!

The group started on Saturday with setting trusses, that were built by a previous team, at a local church.  It was a challenging job, as it was a 2 story church, with tall walls.  The men helped with trusses, and the ladies worked on building church benches. One of the biggest challenges, was coordinating and channeling the strength of the Haitians who wanted to help.  As you can see in the pictures below, it took a lot of man power to raise the trusses up! In the end, they worked together as a team to accomplish the task.

Of course, it wasn’t all work, there was time for hanging out with the kids too!

Sunday, we were able to take the group with us to the Wray’s Sunday School program at Renault.  It was special for us to share this ministry!

 Monday, the team drove 3 hours to a country church, in the town of Gourdet.  It was a beautiful drive, and the team enjoyed the view from the top of the Land Cruisers, part of the way!  There was a welcome sign on the church when they arrived. 20160229_08584820160229_11045320160229_101200

The team was blessed by the interaction with the local Haitians, including one special older lady, that exhibited unwavering faith.  She used the power of prayer to pray away the rain, so work could continue on the church.


Finishing the Gourdet church, marked the end of the construction portion of the trip!  The team packed away their hammers, tool pouches, and paint brushes, and prepared for a new and quite different experience!   Instead of taking a day to tour and visit different ministries on the island, the team chose in advance to partner with the Wray family to help with their wedding ministry.  The next blog post will detail the weddings!


3 thoughts on “Love from Roanoke!

  1. I agree the week went way to fast! Thank you Yordys for your amazing hospitality and for serving the Haitian people! We love and miss you so much!!

  2. We were blessed to be a part of such a trip! What a great job the Yords did keeping us busy in the work of the Lord! I agree with Meg…..we miss you so much!

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