Discovering a new island

We love having family and friends come visit us in Haiti!   It’s always a blessing when we get to share Haiti with those we love!  The week with my parents was no disappointment.  We decided to try  going to a new place, a little island off the main land, by Saint Louis.  We heard the island had an old French fort on it, as well as 2 shipwrecks close to the shore to snorkel around.  I want to preface this by saying trying new activities, places, and restaurants, in Haiti, is quite different from the US.  In the US, you typically know what you are getting.  It’s easy to look up reviews, and make an educated decision.  In Haiti, that is not the case.  Rarely, do we experience what is expected, and often we are disappointed.  We have found that it’s best to go into things with low expectations and with flexibility in mind. I’m not trying to be negative, its just a fact of life here.  So, we warned mom and dad that the island adventure could be a bust, but we decided it would be fun to explore a new place, and we would all be together.  We had a wonderful day!!  Everything went great!  The French ruins were amazing, the weather was perfect, the snorkeling was good, the beach was clean, the water was crystal clear, and we found cool shells!  Hard to believe we were in Haiti!!

A few other highlights from the week…..


Lots of laughs and games


Supper at the Bistro

Visits from friends

Celebrating Chloe’s 13th Birthday a few days early!

A puppet show at CLCS

The most touching experience of the week, occurred when we visited a local deaf school.  The school project is overseen by Jamaican missionaries, Tony & Cilda.  I could write an entire blog post on Tony & Cilda, and their faith (maybe in a future post).  It has been a privilege to get to know them, and witness their faith and contentment in the Lord.  We enjoyed getting to meet the deaf children, see their “classroom,” and then  hand out gift bags, donated by St.Peter Luthern church.

The school building

We want to thank mom and dad for visiting, and thank the Lord for a blessed week together!

2 thoughts on “Discovering a new island

  1. Greetings of love from Gridley! We LOVED seeing the pix of your parents’ visit. We haven’t had a chance to talk to them about it yet but we know they were really looking forward to spending the time with all of you. It’s nice to know they’re still up for adventure – Steph is still trying to get them to buy a bigger camper so he can plan some adventures for the 4 of us!

    We continue to lift all of you up in prayer, knowing that you have some special & unique needs as missionaries in a foreign land. We also are confident that our God is able to hear our prayers & provide for your every need in His perfect way & time!

    We love you. We haven’t heard yet if you plan to come back to the States for furlough this summer but maybe our paths will cross at some point when you’re back the next time. We still talk about trying to get our potluck kids & grandkids together. Oh my!!

    Trusting in Jesus, DonnaLou

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