Joy in that city!

We had the privilege of returning to Renault Sunday School program this past Sunday, after 8 long weeks!  Because of an incident occuring after the program on Easter Sunday, Sunday School was put on hold.  We have spent the past 8 weeks in prayer, alongside the Wrays, asking the Lord for direction and discernment for the Renault area and the program!  It has been a difficult time, knowing that the 1300 children that were used to receiving medical attention, food, and the word of God, were going without.  But, it has been faith building to see the Lord take a situation that “man” intended for bad or harm, and turn it for the good of these people, to bring glory to Him, and use it for His kingdom purposes.

As we turned into the slum on Sunday, we were welcomed by a group of adults and teens smiling and clapping!  As we continued to drive the alleyway through Renault, adults continued to stand on the side of the road, smiling, cheering,and giving thumbs up.  Typically in the past, the children were always thankful, and excited to see our vehicle pull in, but the adults would barely acknowledge our presence.  This time, we saw both men and women make a specific effort to stop what they were doing and welcome us in.  More and more children started following us, and soon our vehicle was surrounded on all sides, by children full of smiles!  The thankfulness, joy, and enthusiasm was palpable!  I wonder if the joy we felt in Renault, was anything similar to the “great joy in that city” mentioned in Acts 8:8, as the gospel was shared, and Christ was proclaimed to a city in Samaria??


The pavillion was packed to overflowing, and bursting at the seams!  The worship was powerful!

We were all relieved to find our buddies again, and see that the Lord had provided for each of them during the past 8 weeks!

Join us in thanking and praising the Lord for the opportunity to serve these children again!  For those in the Roanoke area, we are taking a collection of gently used clothes, shoes, and backpacks during VBS, for these children.

6 thoughts on “Joy in that city!

  1. Praise the Lord! What a touching testimony! It is wonderful that you were to see God’s work in the parents & adults in Renault. The ministry truly extends past the children!

  2. Praising God for His faithfulness! We can’t begin to imagine all that you and the children were dealing with during those 8 weeks as you sought God for guidance. It appears what Satan meant for evil has once again been turned around and blessed by God almighty!

  3. God is good – how special – many times when something we have is taken from us & then returned or resumed we appreciate it so much more – trusting this to be true for the children & parents at Renault!!!! May God continue to bless this mission field!!!!

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