Back to School

School is back in session at Cite Lumiere Christian School!


Chloe is an 8th grader, and Gabby is starting 6th grade.img_5951

Every year, school starts with a chapel service, praising and thanking the Lord for all his blessings, as well as praying for the school board, teachers, and students.  The devotion was on doing good works for others, flowing out of love for the Lord!  It was a great encouragement for the year!

This year, I have a small role in the 5/6th grade classroom.  I open up the classroom, welcome the students, and lead the first class of the day, devotion, which includes praise & worship, and prayer.  I have really enjoyed it so far, and am thankful to help out at school.  Here is a picture of some of my students.img_5973

Bri is a junior this year, and continues with the Abeka Academy independant study program.img_5929

Other exciting happenings……We recieved the container which contained most of the supplies we shopped for this summer.  Scott & Les unloaded the container and Bri, Chloe, & Gabby helped put supplies away in our pantry!

We were happy to return to the Simone orphanage for our every other week visits!  Hopefully, they were happy to see us too!

We continue to support the Wray’s and the Renault Sunday School program every Sunday.  The numbers have increased to 1400 children every week.  It is so neat to see the Lord at work in the slums.

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