Lots of rain!

We are praising the Lord for the sunshine today, and here is why……..   Thursday night around 9:30pm, it started raining, and it didn’t quit until Friday afternoon at 4!  In our 3 years in Haiti, I have never seen so much standing water.  I think the ground must have been saturated from the 30+ inches of rain that we got with hurricane Matthew. As I opened windows at the school on Friday morning, I heard Haitians crying.  My heart aches for our Haitian neighbors, who again have houses full of water and wet belongings. Please pray for the Haitians, that they can find joy despite another difficult trial. 

Here are some pictures from our venture out to Simone in the rain on Friday…  

Streets quickly became rivers

Downtown Cayes

Other updates………

We are so thankful for 2 teams of 5 carpenters, that are coming to help Scott out!  It is a blessing to see how the Lord has provided. The first team arrives Monday!   They will be working on projects/houses damaged by the hurricane. This will take us up to our first official construction team of this season.  Please pray for continued strength and discernment. 

2 thoughts on “Lots of rain!

  1. Oh my goodness!! You certainly did not need all that rain. We will definitely pray extra hard for the Haitians to find joy in these dire circumstances. So thankful those 2 teams of carpenters are able to come help Scott. We continue to pray for all of you, especially Scott. Thank you so much for these posts so we know how to pray. Love you all.

  2. My heart just aches for these poor people that have so little to begin with! Will pray that God will hold off more rain! Also thankful skilled construction workers responded to the call!, Love and prayers. John and Linda

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